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Finally an answer on John Sinclair in Union Co. SC

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For those of you who have seen my postings on John Sinclair in SC, I finally
an answer.  I may have mentioned that my grandfather told my mother that his 
g-grandfather was found running wild on Brown's Creek.  The only part that was
wrong, was that it was Turkey creek not Browns Creek.  Here is the newspaper 
article that proves such:

THE NEW ERA  Union co. SC Thursday, April 8, 1897

The Father was Captured Wild
[Near Union]

About five miles from Lockhart Mills, in this county lives a family, Sinclair
by name,
with a remarkable record.
     It comprises the father, mother, and two daughters and they are
prosperous, happy and contented, contracting no debts, weaving their own cloth
they wear,
doing all their own work, using neither whiskey or tobacco, and raising
anything they
consume except sugar and coffee, which is purchased from the proceeds of the
of chickens and eggs.
     But the strangest part is yet to come, Mr. Sinclair's father was captured
Turkey Creek, four miles below Union Co., in the early history of South
evidently being at the time 7 or 8 years of age.  He was as wild as any beast
lived on fish which he killed with a stick.  He was run down with horses and
and of course could not talk.  He was given the name of Sinclair and adopted
by kind hearted people, who raised him.  He finally developed into a useful
citizen, but always
showed evidence of his strange youth.  His history remained a blank, but
back of it all if we but knew, was some thrilling and remarkable romance.
     His son, deferred to above, is now in his 86 year, his wife being 79.

[the son referred to is James Sinclair and his wife Susan Powell]

interesting huh?

Lisa Burns, in SC
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