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Re: Duncan Sinclair

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In a message dated 98-09-25 14:30:52 EDT, you write:

<< Could you please provide additional information (birth/death dates and
 places, spouses/children, etc.) on Robert Templeton Sinclair's male
 children if you have it available to you? Did they all remain in NY? >>

Robert Templeton Sinclair (Sr.) was born in Derry, Penn. in 1797, went with
his parents in 1799 to Geeseo, NY which was his home until his death; he was a
farmer. He owned the homestead near Lakeville, in Geneseo, overlooking Conesus
Lake. On May 10th, 1821, he married his cousin, Margeret Johnson (b.March
28,1799 in Washingtonville, Penn) She died in Geneseo, Ny, Nov. 15th, 1881


James Sinclair, a clergyman, (b.Apr.14, 1822) m.Emma Corwin on Aug 18, 1851.
Lived in Smithtown, L.I., died Feb. 5,1882
John Henry Sinclair, clergyman (b.Nov. 2, 1826) m. Fannie Corwin. (no date).
Lived in Richmond, Staten Island, NY, died Oct. 31, 1883
Robert Templeton Sinclair (the second) (b.Jan. 28, 1828) m. Elizabeth Haynes
(no date) lived in Geneseo, NY (no death date)
Edward Payson Sinclair, b.June 14, 1841; lived in New York, NY (all I have)
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