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A possile new source for some

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Hi All:  I may have found a site of interest to some/many of you.  Many
of my ancestors come from the Ulster County of NY.  The website Early Ny
Dutch....gies of Ulster County has remarkable information.  I found
several generations through that site, so many that I stayed at the
computer until 2 AM! I also found a person who lives in Rhoad Island
whose heritage we share out of that region.  Therefore, you may find it
helpful, too.  A website from the one mentioned above is: webGED:NY
Dutch families.  I have them bookmarked so I imagine the usual protocol
is needed in the address.  Good luck.  Maybe I'll connect yet with
others in this list.

There are over 18,000 entries that have been researched through various
records.  The records I already had from family, church, marriage, death
and real estate, wills, and other sources were consistent. Can't speak
for all, of course.  The earliest ansestors I find in my Sinclair line
so far are:  Leonin Blanchamp married to Isabeau Leroy of Artois,
France, whose son, Mattheus Blanchan married to Magdden Jorisse, came to
Kingston, NY in 1660 on the ship the "Gilded Otter".  Later in the
lineage, John Sinclair (no origin given) married Elisabeth Williams.
Their only son, Joseph, married Rebecca Bogardus Heermanse. They are my
g-g-grandparents. I was so excited to find "Joseph", then "John", that I
am in hopes that maybe the elder John fits somewhere in one of your
lines!  Thanks.  Another branch of the family via Holland links to
Sinclair; ancestors beginning with William Jansen Traphagen (1616-1699)
married to Jannetje Claessen (~1630-1657) from Drenth Province in
Holland. They, too, moved to Ulster County from NYC.

Other names that link in my Sinclair line are:  Rosenkrans(z); Wincell;
Crispel(l); Bo(u)rhans; Shurter; DeGraff; Newkirk; Traphagen;Hornbeck;
VanSchoohoover;Youngs; Seeley; Dutton: Hendricks; Alliger; VanLeuv(a)en;
Brink;Whitaker; Boice; Cantine(Kantyne).

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