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Re: Duncan Sinclair

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Hello Jean,
       I think I have a copy of the photo you were talking about. The photo I
have wad made around 1900.It has James and his wife sitting in chairs and a
women on each side of them,it was taking in front of their house which has a
spinning wheel on the porch.Is this the same photo?I received this photo from
my cousin,She also passed along a copy to Bill Sincler.I can show where
everybody back to James is buried and show where I think of James was
taking,but this yet not confirmed,but it is where my Father took me and said
it was our home place.I have a rock that came from the fireplace at the home
place.I also have acopy of a family Bible from Texas,it was notariced in Texas
by Mr.Steve Burns.Is this the same copy you have?I will send a outline of what
I have at this time.
1.John Sinclair  died in 1844 married Elizabeth
2.James Born feb.6 1811 died July 17 1905 married Susan Powell
3.Nim N.T. b. May 26 1853 d January3 1931 married Sarah Morris then married
Lillie Eddins
4. Nim J b. Dec 25 1905 d. Jan 1969 married Lottie 
5.Nim J. Jr. .Feb 191937 d Oct 2 1991 married Elizabeth 
6. Everett b.Feb 26 1960 " still kicking" married Ronda 
7. Mary Elizabeth Sinclair born June 22 1996 one very beautiful Daughter!!!
I hope this lets you know I am for real if you would like I can send a copy of
this on a floppy or on paper which ever you prefer,let me know.
                                                Talk to you soon.
                                                 Everett Sinclair 
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