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New Zealand Sinclairs

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Hi everyone,

Often while researching my own Sinclair descendants I have come across 
many more Sinclairs who arrived in New Zealand. I spent several hours 
the other day going over Canterbury museum archives, files with a number 
of Sinclairs from: Orkney, Caithness, Edinbrough, and many more, some 
came over from Australia. I would love to help anyone looking for 
Sinclair history in New Zealand especially in the Canterbury - South 
Island area. 
There were several John Sinclair, James Sinclair and William Sinclair 
names I remember coming across.    
Although New Zealand is a small country there is a great deal of history 
within it and some Sinclair's made lasting impacts. 

I am happy to help anyone,
There is a John Sinclair with I have been researching only to find he 
isn't my descedant due to an error of assumption in a book, he came from 
Orig, Caithness area. He arrived in Lyttelton New Zealand on board the 
Lancshire Witch in about 1863. He was a carpenter by trade and there is 
masses of history left behind in New Zealand on him. 

Can I help anyone, 

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