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Re: Are you there?

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Roland + Shirley Bowers wrote:
> Dorothy,
> The only information I have on the John Sinclair I am trying to locate
> is that he was of Scottish descent, born in approximately 1918, lived
> in South Africa and served in the South African Navy (Cape Town) until
> about 1969 and then apparently sailed to Australia.  Whether he stayed
> there is questionable.
> Do you have any further information on a person who fits this
> description??
> From:  Shirley

Hi Shirley:

I'm not Dorothy, my mother was, I'm Virginia(Ginnie).
I don't know if there's a connection or not.
My grandfather was of Scottish decent, but I have no idea who his father
was, for I guess they were already gone, at least I don't remember ever
knowing them.
Grandfather's name was George Almon Sinclair: his wife was Antoinette
Katherine Kuelker(Nettie),from Germany.They had three children:
Almon-Carrieand my father William Joseph, I am an only child. Uncle Al
had two:Nelson-Alma Jo. Alma is in Colorado, I believe. Aunt Carrie had
one boy,Ralph, last name of Dittmer, his father being Walter.

The only John Sinclair I know of would be my father's son in a second
marriage, of which there were three boy's: John-Billie-???

So as you can see I don't know of George's father or mother. If you know
of any of these people, please keep in contact.  Thank's for inquiring.
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