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William S. of HBC

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To All Sinclair Descendants;

Are you a descendant of William Sinclair (1766 - 1818) from Harray, Orkney,
an employee of the Hudson's Bay Co and his wife Margaret Nahoway? We are
trying to find as many of William Sinclair's living descendants as possible.
We have formed an informal association with our own little newsletter and,
among other things, we are planning a family gathering to be held in the
year 2000 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. So far we have connected to descendants of
eight of his eleven children who live all over North America. Those eleven
chidren are;

William (Junior)(1794-1868) and Mary Wadden-MacKay
Phoebe (c.1792-1848) and Thomas Bunn
Betsy (c.1796-c.1850) and Robert Seaborn Miles
Catherine (c.1798-1881) and Joseph Cook
Jane (c.1800-1861) and James Kirkness
Anne (c.1802-1866) and John Spencer
James (c.1804-1856) and Eliz. Bird, then Mary Campbell
John (c.1806-18??) (wife unknown)
Thomas (c.1808-1870) and Hannah Cummings, then Caroline Pruden
Mary (c.1810-18??) and John Inkster
Colin (c.1812-1901) and an unknown wife in England

If you believe you may be a descendant of any of these people, please
contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

Please note that this will be my final posting on this mail list. If you
wish to contact me, please Email me DIRECTLY at; harmony2@ican.net

Neil Ray (a descendant by way of Anne and John Spencer)

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