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Talk on Prince Henry Sinclair etc

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A coming event which may interest some of you. Re Prince henry, rosslyn etc

Sauniere Society Symposium at the Templar Lodge Hotel

Over the weekend of the 23rd, 24th and 25th October, The Sauniere Society,
London, will present a series of lectures and open discussions at the Templar
Lodge Hotel in Gullane, near Edinburgh.

The Sauniere Weekend will focus on three Scottish enigmas, The Stone of
Destiny, The Heart of Bruce and the mysteries of Rosslyn Chapel including the
fate of the Templar fleet and Prince Henry Sinclair's voyage to the New World.

The weekend includes time on Friday afternoon for individuals to visit Rosslyn
Chapel, before an informal supper on Friday Evening. The Symposium commences at
10 o'clock on Saturday morning with a series of lectures through Saturday and

On Saturday evening at 8 o'clock there will be a dinner and open forum on the
mysteries of Rosslyn Chapel. The dinner will be attended by the authors of
various books which have touched on the subject matter.

The series of lectures will be presented by, amonst other,

Keith Laidler - author of The Head of God Alan Butler - author of the
forthcoming book, Phaistos Dr. Robert Lomas - co-author of both The Hiram Key
and The Second Messiah Henry Lincoln - author of many tracts on Rennes le
Chateua and co-author of Holy Blood, Holy Grail Nigel Tranter (to be confirmed)
- The historical background to the Stone of Destiny Clive Prince and Lynn
Picknett - co authors of The Templar Revelation and The Turin Shroud) - Rosslyn
Chapel and the Head of John the Baptist Niven Sinclair - Prince Henry
Sinclair's voyage to the New World John Ritchie - The Heart of Bruce

Best regards 


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