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Baptism, Death, and Marriage Records

Yet another web site I thought might be of some interest.


Title: Baptism, Death, and Marriage Records
On Line Vital Records

Marriages, Baptisms, Births, and Deaths 

          Search the USGenweb's Project's national query system search engine for included obituaries.  This will search for any surname included in the subject field of the obituary for the entire nation, or the entire world. To search a specific county go to the country selection page. To search for all surnames in the obituary, regardless of if they are in the subject field or not, you must search at the county level. For that you will have to click on the link to the  specific county within a specific state This link will also permit you to search some non county obit pages that are included within the system. These files are searchable only by the USGenWeb's Query System, and not by the USGenWeb's main archive search engine. To search Taulbee Family Obituaries, or add to the data base, go to  Taulbee Obituaries and in the subject field, enter the complete name of the deceased and all surnames in the obituary. This page came on line on February 20, 1998. We have several thousand to enter and it may take awhile.

All mention of genweb in these pages refer to the USGENWEB Project and the associated state and local pages and not Genweb, an Internet genetics company nor USGENWEB INC.

For a more complete and up to date listing of URLs check the USGenWeb archives . This list is provided for your convenience when conditions on the web make navigating USGenWeb difficult or impossible and contains URLs not included in the USGenWeb project. 

Alabama    Arizona       Arkansas    California   Canada   Colorado   Connecticut

Florida   France  Georgia    Idaho  Illinois  Indiana    Iowa    Kentucky

Maine    Maryland   Michigan    Minnesota

Missouri     Montana     Nebraska

Netherlands     New Jersey

New York   North Carolina    Norway    Ohio     Oklahoma    Oregon    Pennsylvania

Rhode Island     Scotland     South Carolina   South Dakota      Tennessee   Texas

United Kingdom    Vermont    Virginia   Washington     West Virginia     Wyoming 

See Also: Obituary Daily Times (An index to some current obituaries)

and Genealogy Gateway to the Web (TM)  which has links to scores of newspapers with searchable obit databases. Not all these papers maintain the obits long enough to be of real use, but many do.

See Also the Census On Line     and     Cemetery Listings and Tombstone Inscriptions  


If you don't find what you need, check the Alabama GenWeb Archives to see if more documents have been uploaded.

1818 - 1845 Dallas County Marriages

1851 - 1871 Jackson County Marriages. (1857-58 not included) This is a zipped file that downloads upon clicking on this link. Make an empty directory to receive it. You will also need an unzipping program such as WinZip you can download off the web. It unzips into 5 files you can then load into your word processor and view.

1881 - 1871 Jackson County Marriages (Part 1, A - H)        Part 2, I - Z

1891 - 1955 Dale County Marriages Under Construction, in the early phases when this link was posted.

Alabama Death Index.   This is a new page for people to send in death information they have. It had just gone on line with no data yet posted when I included this URL on 18 April 1998. You will have to check to see if any data has yet been sent in and posted.


Some 19th Century Marriages, Pima County


1836 - 1858 White County Marriages

1883-1890 Index Cleburn County Marriages

1910 Miller County Marriages

Columbia County Marriages

Pike County Marriage Books A, B, C, (1896 - 1910)     Books D, E, F (1910 - 1925)

Pleasant Springs Baptist Church, Drew County

Union County Marriages.


Links naar databestanden met gegevens uit primaire bronnen    On  Line Records This page contains both Belge and Dutch records. The page is in Dutch.

    A few key words to help navigate the page:
      Doop/dopen - baptism/-s

      Trouw/trouwen; huwelijken; - marriage(s)

      Echtscheidingen - divorces

      Begraven - burials

      Lidmaten - members (of a church)

      Gezinsreconstructies - family-reconstructions

      Ref. - reformed

      R.k. - katholic

      Joods - Jewish

      Grafschriften - epitaphs

      Volkstelling - census

An English Version under develpment


County Clerk Recorder Information.   This is a site sponsored by AtPac, a software Company, which places public records on line. You can search birth, marriage, death, and other records. At the time of posting, the page is under construction (April 1998) and the following counties are covered to different degrees:  Contra Costa, El Dorado, Placer, San Francisco, Stanislaus, Yolo .  Some of the pages do not yet contain data so you must check back. Click on the links in the center frame, these documents are not linked from the California Genweb menu in the left frame.

Birth information for people living in Del Norte County in 1917 & 1918

                Part of the Del Norte County Page

San Luis Obispo County Obituaries  Part of the San Luis Obispo County Page
 Roll of Honor, Union Soldiers Buried at Asylum Cemetery, DC

San Francisco County Ancestor Obituary and Death Notices       Ancestor Birth Notices

          Ancestor Marriage Notices  Part of the San Francisco County Page

 Shasta County Marriages, 1860 - 1888    1888 - 1896

 Brides' Index to Tulare County Marriages, 1852 - 1893  Groom's Index

    HTML Version (contains info on how to order copies) Part of the Tulare County Page

 Brides' Index to Tulare County Marriages, 1883 - 1909    Grooms' Index

    HTML Version   Part of the Tulare County Page


1864 - 1913 Birth, Marriage and Deaths for Nova Scotia, Cumberland County This is a zip file. Scroll down to the file link.

British Columbia Vital Events Indexes These are in the BC Archives. Records included are:

Bob's Your Uncle, Eh! A search engine for Canadian Resources on the web

Canadian Casualties in the Boer War   Part of Herald LeDuc's Homepage

Searchable Genealogy Links in Canada A large number of links not duplicated here.


Archuleta County Marriages       Part of the Archuleta County Page


East Haven  Death Register   Part of the New Haven County Page
New London County Montville Marriages   Part of the Montville Page

Windham County - Canterbury Death Records  Brooklyn Death Records 

             Part of the Windham County Page


On Line Search Engine for Births, Baptisms, Deaths, Marriages   This site is in English, Finish, and Swedish. It is still being tested. Be sure to read all the instructions.


Brevard County Marriage Records 1896 - 1900   Part of the Brevard County Page

Calhoun County Marriages 1863 - 1900 on the Calhoun County Page

Clay County Marriages     Part of the Clay County Page

Columbia County Marriages Books A - D   Part of the Baker County Page

Desoto County Marriages 1887 - 1892    Part of the Desoto County Page 

Franklin County Marriages  1871 - 1884   Part of the Franklin County Page 

Jackson County Marriages 1848 - 1900    Part of the Jackson County Page

Lafayette County Marriages, Partial List    Part of the Lafayette County Page

Leon County Clerk of Courts Home Page   Contains a marriage record search engine and other public records.

Liberty County Marriages 1857 - 1965  Brides Index    .  Grooms Index

Volusia County Marriages      Part of the Volusia County Page

Walton County Marriages 1885-1889   Part of the Walton County Page


          Création originale du Conseil Général du Haut-Rhin
The search engine will allow you to search the contents of all the publicly available CDHF documents at this site. Both French and English Versions

Le Cercle Généalogique d'Alsace   This site does not have online records, but the Cercle publishes transcriptions of 16th and 17th century marriage records from several Alsace cities. In French only.

Les dépouillements systématiques    Part of La Page de Généalogie de Philippe RAMONA

    This page, in French, contains links to many on line (many zipped for fast download)
     marriage files dating from 1455 to 1892.

    These documents are not plain ascii text as we know it, which brings up the question of
    how to read them. From the header information on the ones I have examined, I am
    guessing  they were composed in Microsoft Works for Windows 95. Microsoft Works
    for windows 3.1 will not display them. They display almost perfect if opened in Word
    Perfect 6.0 for Windows 3.1 as ASCII (DOS) TEXT. There will be a little bit of garbage
    in the header, but the data displays well. Pay attention to the file description before you
    download. The Towns are identified by their names, but the departments are identified
    by their numerical equivalents, the same numerical designation that is used on  French
    License plates.

Registres du Cercle Généalogique Historique et Héraldique de la Marche et du Limousin.

          These parish records concern the center of France, The Limousin. They are only
          accessible for the people who participate to the GeneaBank system. You can check
          GeneaNet to see if there is a surname that interests you:

L' Entraide par les Tables et Relevés     In French Only.

        Vous êtes en possession d'une table des mariages, de naissances, d'un relevé des
        contrat de mariage, ou autres ...Vous pouvez vous inscrire sur cette page, afin de
        pouvoir aider les personnes qui recherche désespérément l'acte qui débloquera leur

        Vous rechercher un acte dans un département, un canton, une commune précise.
        Vous connaissez le nom de la ou des personnes, la date approximative de l'acte. Il
        existe peut-etre une table qui vous permettra de connaitre le lieu et la date exacte de
         sa célébration. Pour le savoir, choisissez ici le département de vos recherches.
Some Births in Finistre, Mayenne, and Ille et Vilaire   This is Patrick Oger's webpage.

Some marriages in Mayenne - Ille-&-Vilaine   Finistère - Loire-Atlantique

                This is Patrick Oger's webpage.


Brooks County Marriage 1859 - 1875   By Bride*   By Groom*
                                                    Part of  Paul Hickey's Genealogy Corner
                *These are very large files that will take awhile to load.

Bryan County Marriages 1865 - 1889   Part of the Bryan County Page

Bulloch County Marriage Books A; A1   2A    Loose Pages

          Part of the Bulloch County Page  These records cover 1796 - 1895

Burke County - Early Marriages    1855-1879  A-C     D-F   G-I   J-L  M-Z

        Part of the Burke County Page

Butts County Marriages From Microfilm

        From the Butts County Genealogical Society, 1826 - 1926 

        Part of the Butts County Page

Camden County Marriage Index    Part of the Camden County Page

Cass County Marriage Bonds 1837 to 1843   Part of the Bartow County Page

Charlton County Marriages Books A & B by Groom 
                                                        Part of the Baker County, Florida Page

Cherokee County Death Index     Part of the Cherokee County Page

Cherokee County Marriage Records    Part of the Cherokee County Page

Decateur County Death Index -  1919  1920  1921 Part of the Decateur County Page

Fannin County Marriages 1854 - 1894      Part of the Fannin County Page  This is a work in progress with lookups being offered while the data is being prepared for posting.

Franklin County Marriage License Index, 1806 - 1903     Part of the Franklin County Page

Franklin County Marriage Certificate Index,  1875-1876

Gilmer County Death Records 1919-1921    Part of the Gilmer County Page

Gwinnett County Marriages 1835-1838     Part of the Gwinnett County Page 

Harris County Death Index from 1919   Part of the Harris County Page.  This page is in the very early stages and no records were on line when this URL was posted (April 1998).

Marion County Mariages 1844-1866     Part of the Marion County Page

Montgomery County Marriages 1810 - 1850    Part of the Montgomery County Page

Muscogee Marriage Books A & B  Groom A-M    N-Z  Part of the Muscogee County Page

Randolf County - 1919 Death Records   (For Randolf, Stewart, Terrell & Twiggs Counties)


Seminole County Death Index 1921-1924   Part of the Seminole County Page

Sumpter County Marriage Records   Part of the Sumpter County Page  This page was in the initial phase of construction when posted in April, 1998. You will have to check to see if any records are posted.

Talbot County Marriage Index 1828 - 1850      Part of the Talbot County Page

Taylor County   Goddard Funeral Home Records     Part of the Taylor County Page 

Walker County Death Index 1919-1921   Part of the Walker County Page 

Webster County Death Index 1919 - 1924  Part of the Webster County Page


1889 - 1947 Marriages, Valley County

1913 - 1914 Obit Index, Sugar City Times, Sugar City, Madison County


DuPage County Marriage Records 1839-1861   Part of the DuPage County Page

 Jackson County Marriages to 1850   Part of the  Jackson County Page

Jefferson County  Some Marriage Records   Part of the Jefferson County Page

Macoupin County Birth Index, Book 1   Part of the Macoupin County Page  These are births through 1881.

Moultrie County Marriage Index    Part of the Moultrie County Page

                    Moultrie County Death Index

Perry County Marriages 1827-1850 Pt I    Pt 2     Pt 3    Pt  4

Randolph County Marriages    Part of the Randolph County Page.  This is in the early stages of construction with some marriages in the 1840s and 1950s.

Saline County Births 1877 - 191-   Part of the Saline County Page.


Saline County Death Records 1903-1912

Saline County Marriages 1878-1897   File 2  1898-1910   1847-1850

Shelby County Early Marriages 1827-1829    Part of the Macon County Page   For Macon County Marriages from 1830, scroll down the Macon County Page until you find the alphabetical links.


Allen County Marriages, 1824-1837

Boone County Birth Death and Marriage Records  Part of the Boone County Page

Cass County WPA Birth Records 1882-1920  Part of the Cass County Page

        Marriage Records WI Surnames    WPA Death Records 

Clay County Deaths (some) 1810-1881      1882

Crawford County, some 1800s Births   Some Deaths  Marriages, 1818-1835   Part of Kentuckyiana Genealogy

Crawford County Marriages, 1818 - 1835

Dearborn County Marriages (Block Surname)

Dearborn County Obituaries

Dubois County  Marriages 1839-1848   Part of Kentuckyiana Genealogy

Early Marriages, Brown County

Clay County: Some Marriages   Part of the Clay County Page.   Some of these are after 1850 and will not be included in the State Libray Searchable database below.

Early Marriages, Dubois County

Early Marriages, Orange County

Franklin County Marriages, 1811 - 1817     1823 - 1826     1827 - 1829

Greene County Marriages, 1821 - 1827

Indiana State Library Searchable Data Base of Marriages to 1850

Marion County Marriages, 1822 - 1836

Steuben County Births Deaths, Marriages A-L  M-Z     Part of Ancestor Surfing  In addition to these on line records, this site also offers some professional services.

Selected Marriages, Sullivan County

Selected Marriages, Switzerland County

WPA Index to Orange County Death Records This is the Archives Index page. Scroll Down.


19th Century Henry County Marriages


 Kentucky Confederate POWs who died at Rock Island, Ill This is on Jean Smallwood's KY Page, just scroll down.

Extracted Taulbee & Related Family Death Certificates   Part of The Taulbee Pages

Adair County Deaths, 1852-1859

    1852 Deaths for People Under 21

Adair County Marriages, 1817-1820 (just a few) 1834-1835

Daviess County Obits Part of the Daviess County Page.

Floyd County Marriages

Hopkins County Marriages by John Bourland, early 19th Century

Hopkins County Marriages (Selected)    File 2 These are two different data bases. I do not know how similar they are.

Johnson County Births, 1852 - 1904 Due to space limitations, I have moved the Johnson County Birth Records to the KYGenWeb Archives.

Johnson County Death Records 1852 - 1904 This file contains abstracts of death records from the years 1852-1859; 1861; 1874-1878; 1902 - 1904. Due to space limitations, I have moved the Johnson County Death Records to the KYGenWeb Archives. Scroll down the table of contents and they will listed by year.

Johnson County Death Records, 1910

Johnson County Marriage Records, Bride's Index, 1853-1856 .

Johnson County Marriages 1842 - 1908 Due to space limitations, I have moved the Johnson County marriage records to the KYGenWeb Archives. Scroll down the table of contents and they will be listed by year

Knott County Marriage Books 1 and 1A

Lawrence County Births, Deaths, and Marriages, 1852 - 1907 16 Years are included, mainly 1852-60, Some 1870s, some early 1900s. I have moved this file from this web page to the USGenWeb Archives inorder to free up space on my web site for additional files.

Meade County, some 1850s births   Part of Kentuckyiana Genealogy

Mercer County Marriages, N surnames 1811 -1830

Metcalfe County   1860 Deaths      1870 Deaths      1880 Deaths
                Part of the  Metcalfe County GW Page

Morgan County Marriages 1821-1859

Morgan County Marriage Records 1860 - 1882

Muhlenburg County Marriages 1799 - 1901

Obituaries From the Minutes of the Old Union Baptist Churches

Ohio County Marriages This is the Ohio County KYGenWeb Archives TOC. Over 20 files by alphabet.

Perry County Marriages 1821 - 1846

Russell County Marriages, 1826 -1844

Webster County Selected Marriages 1861 - 1868

Webster County Selected Marriages 1870s - 1900

Webster County Marriages 1901       Zipped Version

Webster County Marriages, 1902, First Trimester      Zipped Version


First Church in Standish, Cumberland County (Marriage and Baptisms)    Births

Maine Mariages before 1892 from State Archives Records A - AL    AM - AZ

Index to Maine Marriages A series of search engines. Covers 1892 - 1966 at the present. This is the Maine State Archives.


1794 - 1837 Court Records for people who died without leaving a will

1796 - 1832 Somerset & Wicomico County Marriage Licenses by Groom   By Bride

        Part of the Somerset County Page

1872 - 1876 Garrett County Marriage Records. Part of the Garrett County Page. Scroll halfway down the page to the alphabetical links.

Maryland Indexes - Marriage References by Robert Barnes (Baltimore County)

            Part of the Marland State Archives which has thousands of pages on line
                                                                                via a search engine.

Vital Records of Kent, Talbot, and Queen Anne's Counties.  Part of the Queen Anne's Page


Branch, Calhoun, and St. Joseph's Counties, Mixed Records, A-L    M-Z
Part of Ancestor Surfing       In addition to these on line records, this site also offers some professional services.

Genealogical Death Indexing System, Michigan

 Lenawee County Records Mostly death records.  Part of Ancestor Surfing

 Shiawassee County Marriage Index    Part of the  Shiawassee County Page

Late 19th Century Births, Yellowknife Township, Lac Qu Parle County
                 Part of the Lac Qui Parle county Genweb Archives


Carter County Marriages, 1860 - 1861      1881 - 1890 Book A       1890 - 1898 Book B

Clay County Marriages 1857-1861


1890 - 1996 Kalispell, Flathead County, Deaths (A - L)      L - Z

     Alternate URL

1890-1996, Kalispell, Flathead County Marriages A-L by Grooms       M - Z

     Alternate URL

 Jefferson County Vitals This is the Montana Archives TOC. Scroll Down to Jefferson County for the links.


Always check the  Nebraska GenWeb FTP Directory or the  Archives TOC Page for files uploaded since my last update.

1861 - 1871 Bride's List, Burt County, Nebraska Territory     Groom's List Part of the

         Burt County Page

1883 - 1987 Marriage Indexes, Frontier County This will take you to the Frontier County GenWeb Archives where there are several links to these files.

1887 - 1934 Nebraska Marriages, Box Butte County This will take you to the Box Butte County Gen Web Archives where there are links to seven files containing these marriages.

1906 - 1913 Marriage Book Index, Cheyenne County

1917 - Birth Data of Males alive in 1917,    Arthur County   Banner County   Blaine County 

       Garden County   Garfield County   Grant County    Hooker County
      Keya Paha County 

       Logan County  Loup County  McPherson County  Perkins County  Rock County
Early Marriage Index, Cass County (Text)     HTML Version

Box Butte County Marriages 1887 - 1914 This is the Box Butte County Archives TOC. 7 files at the last update.

 Cheyene County Marriages Book 3 - 1906 - 1913

Howard County - Marriage Book 1  Book 2  Book 3

Jefferson County - A Few Marriage Announcements

Merric County. Marraige Book A   Brides' Index, book A   Grooms' Index, Book A

     Marriage Book B  Brides' Index, Book B    Grooms' Index, Book B

Perkins County - Marriage Book 2-5, Brides  Grooms

Platte County - Deaths and Burials Shell Creed Baptist and Grace Churches 1872 - 1900

       Marriages at Shell Creed Baptist Church


Early Netherlands Marriages   This page is in Dutch and contains several files of early Marriages in the and the Netherlands. The links are organized by province and contain links to many other types of on line records. If I am reading the page correctly, the word you want to look for in the links is huwelijken.  Alternate URL on geocities.com

      A few key words to help navigate the page:
        Doop/dopen - baptism/-s

        Trouw/trouwen; huwelijken; - marriage(s)

        Echtscheidingen - divorces

        Begraven - burials

        Lidmaten - members (of a church)

        Gezinsreconstructies - family-reconstructions

        Ref. - reformed

        R.k. - katholic

        Joods - Jewish

        Grafschriften - epitaphs

        Volkstelling - census

An English Version under development

New Jersey

For additional New Jersey links and information, check out this page of the Descendants of Ed Ball Website.

1746 - 1796 Hanover, Morris County Marraiges and Baptisms (Presbyterian Church Records)

New York

New York GenWeb Archives

1843 - 1900s, Cayuga County Birth and Death Records This is a table of contents page of aproximately a dozen links to online records.

1860 - 1894 Fraklinville Cattaraugus County Deaths

1860 Death Register, Manhatten, New York County

1867-68 Birth Index, Manhatten, New York County

Erie County:

     Holly Cross Lutheran Church Birth Records, Farnham 1877 - 1889   1889 - 1901

     Marriages, Farnham 1878 - 1900     Deaths, 1878 - 1906

    Part of  Wally MacDowell's Homepage

Schenectady Birth Marriage Baptism Records   Part of Ancestor Surfing.  In addition to these on line records, this site also offers some professional services.

North Carolina

1760s - 1850s, Micl. Rowan County Marriages

1760 - 1800 Edgecombe County Marriages

1700s - 1800s New Hope Church History Contains numerous marriages.

1820 - 1899 Divorces, Wilkes County

1900 - 1917 Scotland County Marriages

Iredell County Church Records

North Carolina Marriages From a variety of sources.  This is a very large file, over 500KB. It is part of a mirror directory of the Root-L Ftp Files.

Robeson County Marriages This is the Robeson County Page for NCGenWeb. You need to scroll down to the marriages. They are filed by surname and there are several links.


Slektsbiblioteket - Databaser/Databases     Part of Slektsbiblioteket  This site has lookup volunteers for Church Registers and well as Census and other documents


 About Birth and Death Records in Ohio Part of the  Ohio Historical Society Webpage

 Jackson County Birth, Deaths, and Marriages
                          Part of the  Jackson County Ohio GenWeb Page

1789 - 1850 Ross County Marriages This is the Ross County, Ohio GenWeb page

1817 - 1869 Marriages, Lawrence County 11 Files.

 1824 - 1867 Marion County Marriages   Part of  Al Potts Marion County Page

1867 - 1938 Death Records Lawrence County

                                        Part of Lawrence County, Ohio GenWeb Page

1867 Lawrence County Births (Lawrence County Register - Historical Website for Southern Ohio)

1909-1917 Death Certificates, Lawrence County This is the link to the Lawrence County OHGenWeb Archives. Scroll down to the death links. There are about 18 files by alphabet.

 1913 - 1917, Ross County Dearh Records   Part of the  Ross County, Ohio GenWeb Page

Columbus Dispatch Obits on line Last 10 years

Death and Obit Index of Lawrence Register

Divorces, Lawrence County, Ohio

Ohio Death Certificate Index  A search engine for locating death certificates 1913 - 1927 and 1933 - 1937.

Pike County Marriages    Part of the  Pike County Ohio GenWeb Page

Richland County:

     1815 - 1888 Selected Marriages Bride's Index  Groom's Index

     1888 - 1919 Selected Marriages Bride's Index  Groom's Index

            Part of Sherry's Family 

Scioto County Deaths and Obits   This is the Scioto County GenWeb Page, scroll down the left frame to the links.


 Oklahoma Obits and Tidbits  Site has information on Oklahoma deaths and marriages.


1852 Oregon Trail Deaths  Part of the  Oregon GW Archives


1750 - 1790 Lehigh Church Records, Lower Macungie Township, Lehigh County

1778 - 1793 Centre Pres. Church Marriages, Cumberland County (Now in Perry County)

1803 - 1859 Christian Church Baptisims, Northumberland County

1812 - 1814 Northumberland County Marriage and Death Notices in Republicaner

1820 - 1839 Juniata County Death Records

1832 - 1844 Juniata County Marriages

1840 - 1875 & 1940 Allegheny County Marriages  From the 1840-1940 Centennial Book for St. Mary's (of the Assumption) Church, Founded 1834 (Pine Creek) Glenshaw, PA
            Part of the Allegheny River Family Archives

1842 - 1852 Baptisims Fairfield and Union Pres Churchs, Westmoreland County

1842 - 1880 St. Paul's Union Church Records, Northumberland County

1845 - 1871 Juniata County Marriages

1878 - 1879 Octorara Pres Church Records. Lancaster County

1881 - 1908; St John's Lutheran Church Marriages, Butler Township, Luzerne County

1902 - 1905 Births, S Surnames, Northumberland County

Early Easton Marriages, Northampton County

Early Franklin County Pres. Marriages

Howerter's Church Records, Northumberland County

New Hanover Lutheran Church Record of Marriages Groom Surnames A - E

Northumberland County Abstraces of Vital Records

Northumberland County Marriages Performed by Rev John Caldwell

Northumberland County Marriages Indexed by Female Surname

Northumberland County Marriages Indexed by Male Surname

Some Allegheny County Births, Marriages, and Deaths

Rhode Island

St John's Church Register, Providence County


WWI Deaths, Adam - Brown     Brown - Cunningham    Cole - Edgar    Fisher - Gray

Gray - Irvine    Jarvie - Martin     Mathieson - McMillian     McNicol - Paterson

O'Donnell - Smith    Semple - Young

South Carolina

17th and 18th Century South Carolina Marriages

 South Carolina Marriages From Various Sources    Part of a mirror ftp site for Roots-L

South Dakota

 1927-1877 South Dakota Baptismal Records of Rev. Bonney     Marriages by Groom

         Marriages by Bride

        Part of the SD GenWeb Archives   Described on the page as: Rev. Bonney, Methodist
        Episcopal Church. Rev Bonney served churches in Brown, Lyman, Aurora, and Brule
        Counties, as well as the SD State Soldier's Home in Hot Springs.

Obituary Index in Kirchenbote, Yankton

Obituary Index, Rapid City Journal


1717 - 1837 Marriages, Rutherford County

1733 - 1832 Marraiges, Wilson County

1744 - 1846 Marraiges, Meigs County

1788 - 1840 Marriages, Washington County

1795 - 1858 Marriages, Blount County (742KB text file)

1796 - 1825 Marriages, Carter County

1796 - 1825 Marriages, Green County

179x - 181x Marraiges, Jefferson County

1801 - 1848 Marriages, Roane County

18xx Franklin County Marriages

1813 - 1843 Some Marriages, White County Less than a dozen

182x - 1860 Gibson County Marriages

183x - 184x Dickson County Marriages

1830 - 1865 Cloucester County Marriages, Methodist Episcopal Church

1838 - 1849 Marraiges, Lauderdale County

1846 - 1851, Marriages, Benton County     Part of the  Benton County GW Archives

1850 - 1874 Grundy County Marriages

186x Marriages, Bedford County  Part of the  Bedford County GW Archives

1861 - 1866 Lawrence County Marriages

 1866-1879 Colored Marriages Anderson County Part of the  Anderson County Page

1894 - 1898 Marriages, Polk County

1895 (Jan) - 1910 (Jan) Death Notices in Fayetteville Observer, Lincoln County

1895 (Jan) - 1910 (Jan) Marriage Notices in Fayetteville Observer, Lincoln County Over 3,100 notices.  1914-1925 Partial Index of Deaths in TN State Library Archives

        Part of the TN State Library Genealogy and Historical Archives


Austin County:

    1823- 1860 Marriage Records  Part of the Texas GW Marriage Archives

Caldwell County:

     1848-1886 Marriage Records  Part of the Texas GW Marriage Archives

Dallas County:

     1896-1897 Marriage Book P by Bride    By Groom

         Part of the Texas GW Marriage Archives

Ellis County:

     Marriage Book A-1  Book B  Part of the Ellis County Page

Erath County:

     1896-1908 Marriages by Bride   By Groom   Part of the Texas GW Marriage Archives

Goliad County:

     1896 - 1911 Micl Marriage Records  Part of the Texas GW Marriage Archives

Henderson County:

     1871-1872 Marriage Records   Part of the Texas GW Marriage Archives

Hopkins County

    Marriages by Groom 20th Century   1840-1856 Marriage Bk 1

        Part of the Texas GW Marriage Archives

Llano County:

     1880-1894 Assorted Marriages  Part of the Texas GW Marriage Archives

Orange County:

         1928-1931 Births   Part of the Texas GW Birth Archives

Reagan County:

    1903-1925 Reagan County Marriages  Part of the Texas GW Marriage Archives

Rusk County:

     1839-1849 Marriages by Groom     1850-1852 by Groom     Newpaper Notices

            Part of the Texas GW Marriage Archives

     1873-1875 Births  Part of the Texas GW Birth Archives 

Wood County:

     1900-1910 Marriage Bk E  Part of the Texas GW Marriage Archives

Young County:

     1856-1875 Marriage Book A Vol 1  Vol II 1875-1890

            Part of the Texas GW Marriage Archives

United Kingdom

Contains Birth, Baptism, Marriage, burials and momument (tombstone) inscriptions.

England Lookup Exchange Check this system of pages for email lookup links of many British Records. I will not have listed most of them.

Birth, Death, and Marriage Exchange Contains some Civil Registry files from 1837 on, and some parish records, mostly 18th, 19th century, but some as early as the 16th century.

 Northowram Register   Nonconformist Register of Baptisms, Marriages, and Deaths, 1644 - 1752.

On line Marriage Transcriptions at St. Catherine's House


Bedfordshire Marriage Witness Entries A zipped file for download.


Alston (Cumberland) Marriage Records from St. Augustine Church

Garrigill, (Cumberland) Marriage and Baptism Records from St. John's Church


Charlton Kings, Gloucestershire Parish Registers, Marriages 1538-1911
            Part of the Flight Family History Page

Coaley, Gloucestershire Parish Registers - Extracts of Births, Marriages & Deaths
            Part of the Flight Family History Page

Forcester, Gloucestershire Parish Registers - Marriages 1559 - 1800
             Part of the Flight Family History Page

Hawkesbury, Gloucestershire - Extracts from Parish Registers - Births, marriges & Deaths
             Part of the Flight Family History Page

King's Stanley Parish Registers, Gloucesterchire - Marriages 1573 - 1812 
            Part of the Flight Family History Page

Maisemore, Gloucestershire Parish Registers - Births, Marriages & Deaths
            Part of the Flight Family History Page

Nympsfield, Gloucestershire Parish Registers - Marriages 1679-1753     1754 - 1810 
        Part of the Flight Family History Page

Whaddon Parish Registers Births, Marriages and Deaths  1674 - 1711
        Part of the Flight Family History Page

Marriage Witness Index, Cambridgeshire A zipped file
Marriage Witness Index, Cornwall    Zipped file. Cornwell on Line Web Site.

Marriage Witness Index, Cumberland A zipped file

Marriage Witness Index for Dorset A zipped file.

Marriage Witness Index for Durham A zipped file

Marriage Witness Index for Leicestershire. Zipped File.

Marriage Witness Index, Lincolnshire

Marriages, Elston Chapel, Nottinghamshire, 1584 - 1814

Mariage Witness Index for sussex Zipped File.  

Baptisims, Wallaton, St Leonards, Nottinghamshire, 1732 - 1800

Cuddeston Churchyard, Oxfordshire, memorial and grave inscriptions

Index of Wills at the Cheshire Records Office

Burials in the Parish of Morwenstow, Cornwall from records at:

Foreign Marriages at Peak Forest Chapel, Derbyshire 1724 - 1754 Wirksworth Church Recods Surname Index (Derbyshire) 1608 - 1726

The Joiner Marriage Index A marriage database for County Durham, Northumberland and the North Riding of Yorkshire

 Middlesex Parish Records

Marriages from Newcastle Courant, Northumberland, 1841

Marriages from Shepburn Hospital Registers, Durham1695 - 1837

St. Catheine's Marriage Index An important source of information in the UK. Read the introduction.

Churchstanton, Somerset, St. Peter and St. Paul Burials 1678 - 1902

Ditcheat Parish Registers, Somerset 1562 - 1891 Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths

Kingston, St. Mary, Somerset Baptisms 1772 - 1812

Norton Fitzwarren, Somerset Baptisms, 1726 - 1812

Norton Fitzwarren, Somerset, Marriages 1726 - 1791

Nynehead, Somerset, Baptisms 1769 - 1812

Oake, Somerset, Baptisms, 1793 - 1812

Otterford, Somerset, Baptisms, 1852 - 1812

Pittman, Somerset, St. Mary and Andrew, Burials 1783 - 1886      Baptisms 1701 - 1812

Stratton on the Fosse, Somerset, Baptisms, 1599 - 1812   Marriages 1599 - 1812 Taunton, Sommerset, St, Mary Magelene Monument Inscriptions

Thurlbear, Somerset, St. Thomas Burials

Trull, Burials 1678 - 1889     Baptisms, 1669 - 1925


Windham County  Dascomb's Church Records - Births and Marriages - Waitsfield

             Marlborough Marriages 1798 - 1812   1811 - 1825   1826 - 1851

           Part of the  Windham County Archives

Windsor County 1780-1866 (aproximate dates) Marriage Records, Reading

         Dascomb Church Records (1867-1868)

        Part of the Windsor County GW Archives


1689-1699 Marriage Licenses granted in Elizabeth City County
        Other Elizabeth City County Early Marriages    
                Part of the Elizabeth City County GW Archives

 1713 - 1716 Micl Marriage Licenses Richmond County

        Part of the Richmond County GW Archives

 1721 Baptisms - Church of the French Refugees Mannikintown, King William County

        Part of the Powhatan County GW Page 

1727-1773 Irish Marriages, Norfolk County Part of the Norfolk County Page

1730 - 1789 Goochland County Marriage Index by Groom   By Bride   Composite

        Part of the Goochland County GW Archives


1746 - 18xx, Marriage Bonds, Minister Returns, Lunenburg County   Part 2     part 3

     Part 4    Part 5    Part 6    Part 7  1763-1799 Micl Marriages, Lunenburg County

     Micl Marriage File 2   Micl Marriages File 3  Part of the Lunenburg County Archives

Lunenburg County Birth:   1853 - 1870 (in progress)

    Part of the Lunenburg County Archives

Lunenburg Count Deaths:  1853 - 1870 Index of deaths (in progress)

         1853 - 1870 Death Register (in progress)   1860  1861  1862   1865 & 1866

        Part of the Lunenburg County Archives

1750 to --, Marriages, Goochlan County

1750 - 1941 Grooms' Index Louisa County   Bride's Index

        Part of the Louisa County GW Page

1753 - 17xx, Kingston Parish Birth and Marriage Records, Mathews County

        Part of the Mathews County GW Archives

 1754 - 1783 Early Sussex County Marriages  Part of the Sussex County GW Archives

1759 - 1800 Some Early Bedford County Marriages

        18th & 19th Century Bedford County Marriage Bonds

        Part of the  Bedford County Page

1759 - 1789 Marriages, Fauquier County

 175x-181x Early Southampton County Marriages

        Part of the  Southampton County GW Archives

 1768 - 1776 Some King George County Marriages

        Part of the King George County GW Archives

 1772 - 1778 / 1884 - 1887 York County Marriages Part of the York County GW Archives

1774 - 1778; 1884- 1888; York County Marriages

 1775 - 1781 Some Early Surry County Marriages  Part of the Surry County GW Archives

1777 - 1858 Marriage Bonds, Fluvanna County    HTML Version
    Part of the Fluvana County Page

1777 - 1778 Cloucester County Marriage Licenses Part of the  Cloucester County Page

1777 - 1783 Micl Mecklenburg County Marriages

        Part of the  Mecklenburg County GW Archives

1778-1793 Marriages by Rev John Linn, Perry Co (Then Cumberland Co)

 1778 - 1801 Marriage Bonds Rockbridge County

        From the Rockbridge County GW Archives

 1782 - 1957 Fredericksburg Marriages by Groom   Bride's Index

      Part of the  Fredericksburg GW Page

 1786 Buckingham County Marriages

 1786 - 1824 Westmoreland County Marriages

        Part of the Westmoreland County GW Archives

1787 - 1919, Micl Marriage Bonds, Lunenburg County

1792 - 1914 Rockbrige County Marrige Records This is Rockbridge Genweb Archives Index page. Scroll down to marriages. There are over 2 score of file links by year.

1795 - 1805 Index to Marriage Register, Vol 2 (Ws)

1799 - 1805, Isle of Wight County Marriages

1799 - 1824 Marriages (Minister Returns) Isle of Wight County   1801-1824 HTML File

        Part of the Isle of Wight CW Page

1800 - 1846 Albemarle County Marriges Performed by John Gibson

 1800 - 189X Micl Tazewell County Marriages Part of the Tazewell County GW Archives 

1815 - 1829 Scott County Marriages  Part of the Scott County GW Archives

1830 - 1839 Scott County Marriages Part of the Scott County GW Archives

 1831-1923 Divorce Records Page County  Part of Judy's Page

 1833-1834 Baptismal Record Holy Trinity Catholic Church Westmoreland County

        Part of the Westmoreland County GW Archives

 1848 - 1853 Lost Marriage Records of Russell County Part of the  Russell County Page

 1850 - 1890 Guardian Bonds Page County  Part of Judy's Page

1852 - 1855 Perry County Death Records

1853 - 1870 Grayson County Births Part of the  Grayson County Archives  

1853 - 1972 Marriages, Virginia Beach

 1853 - 1875 Deaths Patrick County   Zipped Version for Download

        Part of the Patrick County GW Archives

 1853 - 1866 Loudoun County Births  Part of the Loudoun County Archives.

 1853 - 1896 Russell County Deaths  Part of the  Russell County Page

1854 - 1866 Micl Loudoun County Marriages Part of the Loudoun County Archives

1856 - 1862 Births, Essex County    1856 - 1858 Both these files are 21KB so the second will contain births not included in the first. Part of the  Essex County GW Archives

1861-1862 Some Brunswick County Deaths Part of the Brunswick County Page

1864 Births, Prince William County
 1864 - 1885 Death Records Page County A - K    L-Z  Part of Judy's Page

 1865 - 1896 Page County Births A-G    H-P    Q-Z   Part of the Page County GW Page

1867 Births, Prince William County

 1870 - 1896 Deaths Patrick County A Surnames   B    C    D    E-Z  (This last file is 700KB

        and will take awhile to load.  Part of the Patrick County GW Archives

1875 - 1876 Death Register Giles County    Other Deaths K Surnames

        Part of the  Giles County Page

18th Century Records of Peaked Mountain Church, Rockingham County An important German Immigrant Church.

19th - 20th Century Marriages, Chesapeake (Emphsis on Midgett Surname)

20th Century Marriages, City of Norfolk (Emphasis on Midgett)

 Brunswick County Marriage Bonds and Consents   Part of the Brunswick County Page

 Carroll County Genealogical Index  Alphabetical Links to births, deaths, marriages and census.

        Part of the Carroll County GW Page.

 Free Black and Mulatto Marriages Powhatan County

        Part of the Powhatan County GW Archives

 Peaked Mountain Church Records Rockingham County

        Part of the Rockingham County GW Archives

 Groom's Index selected surnames Rockingham County    File 2    File 3

        Part of the Rockingham County GW Archives
Some Early Russell County Marriage Clues  Part of the  Russell County Page


Llanelli Marriages 1833-1837; 1863-1867, St Elli Parish Church, South Wales, UK


Island County:

    Births 1870 - 1911    Deaths 1891 - 1907    Marriages 1855 - 1891  Marriages 1859 - 1890

        Part of the Island County Page

1859 - 1922 Stenvens County Marriages (Through 1899, Stevens County also included Ferry County)

1882-1907 Kittitas County Deaths    Part of the  Kittitas County Page

1891 - 1907 Kittitas County Births   Part of the  Kittitas County Page

1891 - 1907 Stevens County Death Register (Through 1899, Stevens County also included Ferry County)
Selected Pittsylvania County Birth Records   Death Records    Marriage Bonds
         Part of the  Pittsylvania County GW Page

 Unrecorded Marraiges in Halifax County      Part of the  Halifax County Page 

West Virginia

 Barbour County Births    Deaths     Marriages

         Mariages of Barbour County Residents in Randolf County Records

        Part of the  Barbour County Page  

Berkley County Revolutionary War Pensions   Part of the Berkley County Genweb Archives

 Brooke County Marriages     Births     Deaths    Part of the  Brooke County Page  These are Brooke County Page reader submissions.

 Brooke County Marriages (Patterson thru Roland) 1797 - 1842)
                    Part of the  Brooke County Page
  Cabell County Marriages 1809 - 1811   Part of the  Cabell County Page

         Cabell County Births     Deaths   Part of the  Cabell County Page

 Calhoun County Marriages 1856 - 1875    Misc Birth & Death Records 
        Part of the  Calhoun County Page 

 Clay County Marriages (Some)   Part of the  Clay County Page  

 Fayette County Marriages by Groom     By Bride   Part of the  Fayette County Page

Hancock County:

            Births      Deaths      Marriages   These are items submitted various individuals to
            the  Hancock County Page

             1847 - 1906 Marriages in the Hancock County Genweb Archives

            1853-1857 Births in the Hancock County Archives

Hardy County:

         1792 & 1799 Marriages Performed by Valentine Powers
                                    Part of the  Hardy County Page

         1792 - 1842 Hardy County Marriage List   Part of the  Hardy County Page

Harrison County:

        1784 - 1800 Harrison County Marriages. This is a zipped file you must download to

         1784 - 1794 Harrison County Marriages   This file will display in your browser.

         1784 - 1799 Harrison County Marriages    This file will display in your browser.

                        Part of the Harrison County Page.

Jackson County:

        1901 - 1916 Jackson County Marriages.  Part of the Jackson County Page.

Kanawha County

         1810 - 1969 Kanawha County Birth Records   1835 - 1998 Death Records

        1792 - 1970 Marriage Records    Part of the Kanawha County Page

Logan County:

         1853 - 1860 Logan County Marriages.    Birth Records     Death Records

                                Part of the  Logan County Page

Marion County:   Micl Marion County Marriages    Part of the Marion County GW Archives

Marshall County:

      Marshall County Births, 1853   1854  1882    1883  Micl Births

      Marshall County Deaths 1878 - 1880

     1835 - 1899 Marshall County Marriages
     Marshall County Residents Married in Ohio County

     Marshall County Residents married in Greene County, PA

        Part of the  Marshall County Page

Mineral County Marriages 1816 - 1866      Part of the  Mineral County Page

 Mingo County Marriages 1895   Part of the  Mingo County Page

 Monongalia Marriages 1794 - 1800   Part of the  Monongalia County GW Archives

 Nicholas County Marriages 1817 - 1849   Part of the  Nicholas County Page

 Pleasant County Deaths 1853 - 1860    1853-1864 A-M    1853 - 1864 N - Z    1865 - 1872

         1883 - 1894    Part of the  Pleasant County GW Archives

Randolph County:

     Misc Births from 1865    Misc from 1878    Other Misc Births 
     Part of the  Randolph County Page

     Misc Deaths from 1867    From 1868    Other Misc Death Records
    Part of the  Randolph County Page

     Marriages 1787 - 1971    1787 - 1816 marriages From Maxwell Book

     Marriages >From WPA Records    Part of the  Randolph County Page

Ritchie County:   Births    Deaths   Marriages   Marriages 1899 - 1900  
            Part of the  Ritchie County Page

Summers County:   Marriages 1874  Part of the  Summers County GW Archives  Other files are in progress. Check the Archives.

Tucker County  1874 Births A-N   Deaths 1856    Deaths 1857    Deaths 1858    Deaths 1859  Marriages 1856 - 1857    Part of the  Tucker County Page

Wirt County:  Births   Deaths   Part of the  Wirt County Page

Wyoming County:   Wyoming County Births Selected Years 1853 - 1888

         Wyoming County Marriages    Partial Listing of Wyoming County Marriages

         Wyoming County SSDI by last name

                Part of the  Wyoming County Page


 1894-1895 Old Settler Deaths, Dodge County   Part of the  Dodge County Page

 To 1907 Misc Birth Indexes

 To 1907 Kewaunee County Marriages   Part of the Kewaunee County Page 

 Juneau County Birth Index    Deaths     Marriages      Part of the  Juneau County Page

 Marathon County Marriage Index    Part of the  Marathon County Page

 Milwaulkee County - St Stanslaus Parish Death Index
                 Part of the Milwaulkee County Page

Monroe County Death Extractions A-B    C-D    E-G  Part of the Monroe County Page. Check for new files.

 Outagamie County:

        Death Index Maple Creek (Todten = Register (Death) Kirchen=Buch
        der evangelisch=Gemeind zu Town)      Indexes to Spouses of the Deceased
        Index to Fathers of the Deceased    Part of the Otagamie County Page

Pierce County:

         1858 - 1870 St. Patrick's Baptismal Records, Hudson  Part of the  Pierce County Page

         Pre 1907 Birth Index     Pre 1907 Death Index   Part of the  Pierce County Page

  Trempealeau County

         1947 Obituary listing from Whitehall Times   Part of the  Trempealeau County Page

Washburn County:

        1883 - 1885 Marriage Licenses  Part of the Washburn County Page


1894 - 1920  Sheridan County Declarations of Intent to become a US Citizen
    Part of the  Sheridan County Page

1895-1908  Sheridan County Naturalizations Part of the  Sheridan County Page

 Casualties of the Fetterman Fight Part of the  Sheridan County Page

Mine Accidents resulting in Death A- M   N-Z  Part of the Lincoln County Page

Sheridan County Marriages Books 1-9   Part of the  Sheridan County Page

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