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Highland Games

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The 133rd Pleasanton California Highland Games were held this past weekend.
Over 60,000 people attended the 2 day gala. Weather was very warm but it
didn't stop the Scots from putting on a good party. There were 72 Clans in the
"Glen of the Clans." Various Associations and Societies were also there to
provide over 100 tents of various colors, shapes and sizes. There were 4 Grade
1 Pipe bands. The Strathclyde Police Band from Glasgow, The Seaforth
Highlanders band from Vancouver, The LA Scots Band from Los Angeles, and the
Prince Charles Pipe Band. In total, there were 30 bands of different grades
and presented a full 2 days of pipe music throughout the grounds. 
Clan Sinclair was well represented with a double tent that provided
information, handouts, stories, refreshments to the crowds that came to see
us. We were very busy. There were 10 Sinclairs working the tent and we didn't
get many chances to take a break during those 2 days. We are very proud that
Clan Sinclair was judged as the Best Clan Tent out of the 72 Clans in
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