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Re: Joseph or John Sinclair married to Rebecca Herman

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Dear Kay ,

Your Sinclair line arrived here first !  Mine arrived after 1835 . Could be an
old country connection to this area and your line ---I just don't know at this
time .

However , there was a William Sinclar{sp] who served with the Delaware
regiment in the Civil War . I don't think this is my William --could be your
family ?

Another possibility --- strong family tradition persists that my GG-
grandfather,William B. Sinclair married one of the family servants [his 1st
wife ] which so infuriated his father that he disinherited William .Some time
after his 1st wife and child both died at childbirth , he came to the USA and
remarried ---2nd wife Virginia Arrants .

If he was an eldest son and from a wealthy and  noble family , he may as a
result of the preceding , have followed previous family members who came to
America to make their fortune ? If true we could be from the same line .

Three of William's grandchildren are still alive , although obviously very old

Surviving family photos show a very handsome and well dressed man with wavy
hair .

Don't have his parents names , only two identified siblings in the US---Ellen
and George . Incidently , William's son was named George Manuel Sinclair . 

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