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Attn: Amber Dalakas Re: Robert Sinclair

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I have recently returned from a one month trip to Norway and have been
trying to sort out the numerous e-mail messages that awaited me upon my
return (some odd 500, thanks to Miss Jennie of Sweden). I came across
one of yours where you mentioned a Robert Sinclair who was born around
the time of the civil war in Monroe county, WV. You wrote that you have
found absolutely no trace of his decendents. Well, I too am looking for
one Robert Sinclair and I am thinking there may be a chance, however
slight, that these are one and the same Robert. May the reason that your
researcher could find no trace of Robert's family in the Monroe Co. WV
courthouse be that he had moved across the border to Ohio? I haven't
been able to get any further back than Robert and all I know about him
is that he was married in Ohio to a Miss Ward (first name unknown), they
had (at least) one son - John Ward Sinclair I  (born apprx. 1891 in
Ohio) - and a daughter (name unknown). The daughter and her mother, ?
Ward Sinclair, ended up in Colorado at some point. John Ward Sinclair I
moved to Bannack, Montana to mine gold as a young man and there married
Rose Gautier Sinclair. He died at age 38 in a mining accident. They had
two sons - John Ward Sinclair the II and Rodney Noel Sinclair - my
grandfather and great uncle, both born in Dillon, Montana.

What do you think? Could there be a connection here?

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Kristin Hussein

P.S. There is also a Monroe county in Ohio (as well as several other
states). And - another interesting little tidbit of information I found
on the web: "Monroe" is a Scottish territorial surname signifying in
Gaelic "a dweller at the red bog." The club-moss, which grows in boggy
places, is the appropriate badge of the Munro clan.


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