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Re: Sinclairs from Argyllshire

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You may be right about the possible Colvin link. I also found it interesting
that you had an ancestor named Margaret Robinson/Roberson. My Robison maiden
name was altered by my grandfather from Robinson to Robison. Both my
grandparents Feighn Monroe Robison/Robinson and grandmother Bess Jolllif (her
mother was Sarah Isabelle Colvin m Andrew Jackson Jolliff) claimed to have
their ancestral roots in Scotland. I suspect if we could follow the lines
closely enough we might find the Sinclair link too. :)  I am most interested
in your Colvin and Robinson lines if you could furnish some information on
them. I'm having a terrible time tracing my Robinsons here in US, I do know my
Great Grandfather's name was Thomas Benjamin Robinson. I have a lot of
information on my Colvin line as well here in US.

Patricia Robison Jones (pattij7@aol.com
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