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Joseph or John Sinclair married to Rebecca Herman

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Hi All:

I keep  hoping to see a Joseph/John that I can identify with the
location of Kingston, Ulster County, NY.  I know he lived there in the
1860's: he bought a church pew in the Fair St. Dutch Reformed Church.
He's listed as living in Roundout, NY (part of Kingston). He was my
ggg-grandfather.  There is no knowledge in the family of his origin, nor
is there any information about his wife, Rebecca Herman. His daughters
(Virginia and Caroline) were great genealogy fans, having attended the
1893 Sinclair reunion! 

Caroline (d. 1899) married Hewitt Boice from Tannersville and Kingston,
known as the "Bluestone King" in early 1900's; later on Bd. of Dir., US
Two children:  boy (name unknown, died at birth), Virginia Boice

Virginia (Boice) married Dr. Frank B. Seeley, paster of Fair St. Dutch
Reformed Church in Kingston, NY for 40 years and 10 years Emeritus.
(Yes, the religious values are strong throughout!)

Virginia (d. 1894) married Pratt Shurter of Samsonville, NY (bluestone
Five children: Joseph, Caroline "Cad", Eva, Guy, Virginia Shurter Seeley

Virginia Shurter Seeley married first, William Dutton of Rutland, VT.,
and second Delancy DeGraff of Kingston, NY. 
One child of first marriage: Mary Dutton Hendricks, my mother.

The name "Virginia" was the puzzle in our family, as Virginia Shurter,
my grandmother, was adopted by her older cousin Virginia (Boice) Seeley,
known to me always as my great-grandmother, when both their mothers

If any of this information triggers a memory or other name/place/nose,
please let me know.  Many thanks.  I've enjoyed the conversations, but
haven't communicated in awhile. I've signed up for Jean Grigsby's new
book on Marriage and Ship Records in hopes it may yield further facts.
Funny, this is the line I'm most interested in, and I can't get further
back than this.  Many thanks!

Boon to all!
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