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Daniel Sinclair

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Hi Della-

There has to be some kind of cousin connection somewhere since we all come
from Yakima...  I made a mistake in my last e-mail...  Daniel MacGillivray
Sinclair, born May 17, 1834, was the son of Squire John Sinclair (not
Joseph), and Elizabeth Mackenzie.  It is my thinking that perhaps John's
son Daniel is your grandfather's father (?)  He, Daniel M. Sinclair,
married Janet Smith in 1865.  He died in 1894.  His children (possibly one
being your grandfather?), may be listed in a book about the Sinclairs of
Roslyn and Caithness (listed previously on this discussion list - I will
forward to you).  Another possibility is that your grandfather was named
after his uncle, Daniel M., as Squire John and Elizabeth had 12 children.
My mother has some family group sheets that may list a child named Daniel.
I will check and let you know.


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