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Re: Sinclairs from Argyllshire

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Good Day Donald! I'm a Sinclair whose great grandfather Richard Sinclair b
1827 (unsure) I have traced to living in SW Ontario, Canada between London &
Glencoe in a "Kilmartin Settlement". We do not know if he was born at sea,
immigrated with parents/grandparents, or was born in Canada. However, I have
in investigating this area found that this "Settlerment" was started and was
inhabited by many people from around Kilmartin/ Kilmichael- Glassary,
Lochgilphead-Scotland. It was cut out of wild bush foerst commencing in 1826
by settlers who had initially been for a number of years ((8-15) on the north
coast of Lake Ontario at Port Glasgow /`Aldborough Township. (The first into
the area of Kilmartin was an Archibald Sinclair in 1826.)

As my search hints I believe this group mainly came probably into New York but
maybe Halifax or PEI in somewhere about 1810-1815. Then because of the war
travelled across NY state & then either by land or through a Lake Ont. port of
Osewgo NY moved to Canada. A Col Thomas Talbot was settling much of SW Ont at
that time with 50 acre lots cheap or free. They went north to finally settle
after a few years because of 100-200 lacre land grants.

Do you live in tthe area of Lochgilphead? Or know someone who does who is
interested in genealogy? Or is the information available to you or one about
specific emigrations around that time? Would you kindly supply me that info? I
am aware of the Highlaand Clearances etc, so it's not why but who I need to

Another lead as to possibilities is; I suspect Richard's father or elder
brother to be a Daniel Sinclair. In the 1860's after marrying Christina
MacLarty (McLarty) they named their eldest son Daniel and then after a
premature death,  their third son Daniel. I understand this naming to be a
relatively common tradition at the time.

I would be very interested in providing other info to any other families there
that believe they need detail of SW Ontario descendants. Or in just commencing
a dialogue. I am a 56 yr old grandfather who has worked on this a while. Now
living in the Chicago region I have lived in Montreal PQ, Connecticut, and

Thank you for your time & consideration.

Yours Aye!

Rick Sinclair
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