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Sir William St. Clair (Sinclair)

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Hi Sinclairs
I am having a ball since i got on the net and doing my family tree. I am a
decendant from Alexander Sinclair and Margaret Logan from the Fife area in
Scotland, so been i am tracing both these lines and came across this
information on the Logans and may interest somebody. The Papal Mandate of 6
Aug 1329 states that King Robert directed his heart be buried in Jerusalem
in compliance with the kings Instructions, Sir James Douglas chose seven of
the most distinguished knights in the kingdom, among them being Sir Robert
Logan, Sir Walter Logan, and Sir William St. Clair (Sinclair), younger of
Roslin as his companions. I can add more if anybody wants to know more, all
this is very interesting reading about the Sinclairs, still haven't came
across any of my Sinclairs as yet.
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