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RE: Starting to trace my Sinclair branch


Thanks for your description of the sinclair nose.  I was most curious about the trait.  As I was reading your message, just as I almost hit the delete button, I remembered that my father,  five generations removed from sinclairs in scotland, had a large and hooked nose.  Now my father was very vain and fastidious.  He told us, along with a huge number of other truth-bendings, that he had broken his nose twice playing basketball as a young man, thereby causing the prominence of his nose.  I wonder if he didn't just come that way, with a sinclair nose but made up one of his better-than-the-facts stories because his nose didn't fit his perfect image.

I always rather admired his nose.  I'd like to think it held the genetic connection to people and places very distant in time and space.

Thank you!!

Deb reed

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You know that cracks me up! My Dad and I share the "Noble Roman nose" of the
Sinclairs in my family! I too have always been "recognized" for having "The
nose" of a Sinclair. What a small world it is. Thanks for the chuckle Kay.

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> and I can remember walking in the town there as a small child
>and having a complete stranger stop me and say "You MUST be a
>Sinclair--with that nose!"  they were quite right, of course.  However,
>how, when and why my Sinclair ancestors left Scotland and WHO the two small
>boys were is still not clear.--Kay

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