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Re: Daniel Sinclair

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Can anyone, especially you Rebecca,since your Sinclairs are from the
Southeast, find ANYThing that could lead me to my maternal grandfather Daniel
Sinclair, My mother was 4 yrs old when he supposedly died in the flu epidemic
so it would have been around 1918. I can't afford to go to Washington state
right now, to be able to go through my mothers belongings and her memory is
getting worst everyday. Id love to be able to tell her something before she
leaves us. She is 84 now.Her mother was Eleanor Charboneau, Eleanor had a
brother, UNK  Charboneau, he had a son named Allen Poe Charboneau, who retired
somewhere in Fla. There has got to be something in someplace that makes
reference to a brother, son, uncle, cousin who dies around that time. Thank
you for your patience with me. Its like a part of ME is missing.
Della Gooler Izzo, daughter of Elizabeth Sinclair and Walter Gooler and grand
daughter of Elenor Charboneau and Daniel Sinclair. My Dad was a jockey in
Kentucky when they married in 1933. I am telling you this in case any of the
Sinclairs kept track of my Mother. I think my mothers maternal family was
Southern Baptist.
Also Can anyone lead me to access to the Kentucky Orphan School,my mother
graduated from there. All I can do is keep trying,I'm family but need to
verify the relationship. Again, Thank you all.
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