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Re: Ramsey, Darwin re fabric

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I would like any info on Siclairs that descend from 
       ALEXANDER, MALCOLM, JOHN (born 1818), JAMES (born 1821), GEORGE (born
1823), WILLIAM (1825 born), ISSAC (born 1827), and my GG-grandfather ROBERT
(born 1832).  We have learned that in 1909 ALEXANDER resided in Galt, Ontario.
We have been looking for a link that would tie us to a reseached line.  We
found that it was wrongly reported that our g-grandfather ALEXANDER (born
1872) had emmigrated to Canada when he actually can into Ellis Island.
       The request for info on the ALLAN family was in referance to above
mentioned ROBERT SINCLAIR, who married MARY SUTHERLAND ALLAN, her sister
BETSEY ALLAN married JAMES GUNN, whose descendents also emmigrated to Canada. 
        I am sorry for the confusing e-mail request.  My head is stuffed with
our findings and new reseach directions.  It was a good trip to Scotland and
certainly not our last.         
  I am also interest in some opf the fabric.

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