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Re: Ramsey, Darwin re fabric

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Cousins, My previous e-mail was sent before I finished it, I greatly apolgize
as I fully understand the problem with too much e-mail that doesn't make
sense.  I had sent info on Mary Sutherland Allan's (Mary married ROBERT
SINCLAIR -born 1832) father GEORGE ALLAN  and the marriage of GEORGE's
sisterBETSEY to James Gunn, who sons were reported to have moved to Canada.  I
remember someone mentioning the Gunn family in previous e-mail and hope they
will respond and may do so directly to my email- MSiperek@AOL.com.   We live
in Western New York.  
      I intend to submit a list of Sinclairs,  years of birth and deaths for
many Sinclair who were buried in South Ronaldsay both North and South Parish
and also some buried @ St. Magnus Church in Kirkwall, if there is any
interest.  We also uncovered serveral useful referance sources.  We also
accessed census info for that area.
s Marilyn
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