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Re: Ramsey, Darwin re fabric

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Thanks for the ideas on how to use the fabric,My mothers father was Daniel
Sinclair, my mother Elizabeth was 4 years old when he died during the flu
epidemic. she was born 6/17/14. Her mother eleanor died 10 days later and was
pregnant with a boy whwn she died.  My mother has a snapshot of 3 men, she
thinks it is of her dad and his brothers.  He must have been born around 1890.
My mother I believe was born in Covington Ky or thereabouts, her maternal
relatives,including Della Charboneau whom I believe to be Eleanors mother, An
aunt  and Uncle Xenia(called BEE) and Samual Turner.From the photos I have
seen, Eleanor was beautiful and from an affluent family who owned drygoods
stores in Houston area and maybe  Ky or even Ohio. My mother went to a private
girls school,but I saw a certificate from an orphans. I believe one of the
Turners was a guardien. Any info is in storage at my brothers house in
Washington State.I recall seeing an article of someone  named Sinclair who
died in a fire, Part of a letter was in the article which said (appears to be
another one of us) This is getting more mysterious, my mother spoke of being
an orphan but also spoke of her mothers family. 
she has a lot of portraits of her family,but I think only the one snapshot of
Daniel Sinclair.The orphan school she attended was in Kentucky. If and when my
brother sends it to me, Im sure there will be more clues but he isn't into
this search as I am.
If anyone can piece any of this together, Id be most appreciative. 

Thank you for your time, Della Izzo,grand daughter of Daniel Sinclair
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