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Re: Cinekler name/my St. Clair info

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Amber Dalakas wrote:

> I just received a new book "The New River Early Settlement" by Patricia
> Givens Johnson.  In browsing through I noted the name CINEKLER (St. Clair).
> I have never seen this spelling before.  I am aware of the SINKLER ->
> As the New River (Virginia - West Virginia - North Carolina) area is the
> area in which my genealogical search leads me I found this very interesting.
> Can any of you shed some light on this.
> Amber Dalakas
I was just at the Milwaukee, WI Public Library and have been making
copies of the Census indexes for Ohio and I came across this entry while
scaning for Cinekler.
1860 Ohio page 209 - CINCLAIR JOHN HNJK 218
Maybe that should have been Sinclair?? HNJK would be Highland Co Jackson
Bob Stevens
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