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2 Squire Johns

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To Laurie, Sandy, and others interested in Nova Scotia Sinclairs
I'm sorry that I've accidentally mis-led you.  On more carefully reading Rory's
story about "The Sinclairs and Piping", I have to admit I made a big mistake.
When I scanned the story, I read ".....His son John (1793-1884), known as "the Squire" lived a long and successful life in New Glasgow becoming widely respected as Stipendiary Magistrate for the town......"  I naturally assumed
this was the John Sinclair you referred to as Squire John.  However, it was not.  It was a John MacKay, the son of John Roy MacKay, whose son Norman had a daughter Norma married to Donald Sinclair.  Their son John Sinclair was Piper to our Clan Sinclair Association until his death in 1989. His son, Dr. Michael, sent his father's piping books to Rory. 

Apparently, there were 2 Squire Johns, possibly related by marriage, in the Nova Scotia at approximately the same time. Sorry for the mistake, but I guess it just shows how easy it is to make assumptions while doing research. 

When we met at the Barrie Highland Games last week, Rory suggested that we
submit a series on the Sinclairs of Argyll.  This is an opportunity for this
small branch of the Sinclairs in Scotland to be highlighted. I know that Neil Sinclair, Karen Matheson, Rick Sinclair and I are all researching Argyll.  Is
there anyone else out there?  In an area belonging mostly to Campbells and Lamonts, the Sinclairs were only there for a few decades.  We ought to be able
to weave our families together.

Finally, John Q., we owe you a big "Thank you" for giving all of us this opportunity of communicating and connecting with one another.  What a wonderful site it is!

Toni S.  

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