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General Collections Homepage: Genealogy (Text Version)

Just thought I may as well send the web page itself while I was at it.

Kristin Alynn Hussein

Title: General Collections Homepage: Genealogy (Text Version)


Go To: [Adoption Sources] [Cemeteries] [Census] [Charts and Forms]
[Commercial Sites] [Ethnic Genealogy]
[Genealogical Organizations & Libraries]
[Genealogy Calendar] [Geographic Genealogy: California]
[Geographic Genealogy: United States] [Geographic Genealogy: World]
[Help From Other Genealogists] [How Do I ...?] ["How To" Sites]
[Immigration & Naturalization Records] [Marriage Records] [Military Records] [Other Genealogy Sites] [Passenger Lists] [Searchable Databases]
[Social Security Records] [Vital Records]


    "HOW DO I ...?:

    1. Twenty Ways to Avoid Genealogical Grief
    2. Family History Information: What Can I Do First?
    3. In the VERY Beginning
      A step-by-step guide for beginners.
    4. Answers to Common Questions
    5. Genealogy Dictionary
    6. Document and Photo Preservation FAQ
    7. Oral history questions
    8. Deciphering Old Handwriting
    9. Old Handwriting Samples
    10. Naming Traditions
    11. A Chart for Figuring Relationships ("2nd cousin, 5-times removed", etc.)
    12. Janyce explains "cousins" and "removed"
    13. Salt Lake City Here We Come! Tips for a Successful Research Trip
    14. Before Your Trip: Doing Your Homework
    15. Packing for a Genealogical Journey
    16. A Genealogist's Post-Vacation Checklist
    17. Some tips on organizing your genealogy research
    18. Organizing Your Research or,
      "Now That You've Found Them,
      How Do You Keep Track of Them?"
    19. Biography Assistant:
      Helps you write stories about yourself or your relatives
    20. Caring for Your Family Photos
    21. Your Family's Health History
    22. Oral Histories
    23. Family Reunions
    24. How to collect information from your family
    25. Step-by-Step Guide to finding family information
    26. Writing a Family History
      How to convert lists of names and dates into family histories.
    27. Genealogical scams
    28. Buyer Beware! More on dishonest genealogists.
    29. Spams and Scams
      Unethical advertising on the Internet.
    30. Pyramid vs Diamond Theory: How Many Ancestors Do We Have?
    31. Genealogy research directory
      Names, addresses, and holdings of places that may be useful to you in your genealogical research.
    32. Online Genealogy Classes
    33. Numbering Systems Used in Genealogy


    1. Getting Started
    2. Family History Library Publications List
    3. A Crash Course in Genealogy
    4. Getting Started in Genealogy and Family History
    5. Cyndi's List of How To Guides
    6. Genealogy "How-To" Guide
    7. Treasure Maps-the How-To Genealogy WWW Site
    8. The Best of DearMYRTLE
    9. Ancestors
      A ten-part television series shown on PBS.


    1. Blank Pedigree Forms for HTML
    2. Research Log
    3. Family Group Sheet and Pedigree Chart
    4. Genealogy (Pedigree) Chart
    5. Pedigree Chart and Family Group Sheet
    6. Printable Abstracts for Census Records
    7. Pedigree Chart, Family Group Record, 2nd Page Family Group Record, Timeline Page, Research Log, Family and Home Information Checklist, Child's Pedigree Chart
    8. 1920 Census Extraction, Circular (Fan) Genealogy Chart,
      2nd Circular Chart
    9. Pedigree Chart
    10. Relationship Chart
    11. Form Letters and Other Aids
    12. Form letters for German genealogy
    13. Cyndi's List of Supplies, Charts, Forms, Etc.
    14. Genealogy Records Service's Free Genealogy Charts
      You must have Adobe Acrobatİ Reader to view these documents.


    1. Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites On The Web
      Over 29,700 links, categorized & cross-referenced,
      in over 90 categories.
    2. Genealogy SiteFinder
      Giving Cyndi a run for her money, this site features over 42,000 categorized
      and cross-indexed links with full descriptions, brought to you
      by Family Tree Maker and Helm's Genealogy Toolbox.
    3. Janyce's Root Diggin' Department
    4. Family Chronicle - Top Ten Genealogy Websites Nominees
    5. Genealogy Online
    6. Helm's Genealogy Toolbox
    7. Rand Genealogy Club
    8. The Genealogy Home Page
    9. LDS Family History Centers
    10. Journal of Online Genealogy
    11. Genealogy of the USA Presidents
    12. The origin of surnames, 1000 to 1110 A D
    13. DAR Library Research Service
    14. Yahoo!'s Links to Lineages and Surnames Sites


    1. Where to Write for Vital Records
    2. Vital Records Information: State Index
    3. California Vital Records Information
    4. National Archives & Records Administration Genealogy Holdings
    5. Using The National Archives
    6. Obtaining NATF 80 Forms
    7. Researching with Church Records


    1. Finding a Marriage Date
    2. Step-by-Step: Finding a Spouse's Name


    1. Social Security Death Index (SSDI) Search
    2. What to do with the information you got from the SSDI search above
    3. The Social Security Death Master File as a Stepping Stone
      to Further Research
    4. Structure of Social Security Numbers


    1. Naturalization Records
    2. Notes on Naturalization
    3. Ellis Island Tour (and Cookbook!)
    4. Ellis Island Home Page
    5. All about immigration and migration

  1. Links to resources on cemetery history and preservation
  2. Cyndi's List of Cemeteries, Funeral Homes & Obituaries
  3. Cemetery Interment Lists on the Internet
    Links to sites that provide information on people
    interred at cemeteries across the world.
  4. British Columbia Cemetery Finding Aid
    The surnames, cemetery name and location
    of more than 100,000 entries collected from records
    and headstone inscriptions associated with 141 cemeteries
    situated in the province of British Columbia, Canada
    and one from the state of Washington, USA.
  5. Notes on San Francisco Genealogy
    From a site that mostly discusses Colma cemeteries.


    1. Locating Ship Passenger Lists
    2. Finding the port of arrival
    3. Major U.S. ports of entry and exit
    4. Cyndi's List of Ships, Passenger Lists & Immigration
    5. Index of all Ships arranged by year of sailing
    6. Index To Palatine Passenger Lists
    7. Index to New Netherland Ships' Passenger Lists
    8. Mormon Emigrant Ships (1840-1868)
    9. Passenger and Emigrant Lists
    10. Passenger Lists From Ireland - 1803
    11. Passenger Lists From Ireland #2 - 1803
    12. Irish Immigrants arriving from Ireland in Boston
    13. The Winthrop Fleet 0f 1630
    14. Immigrant and Passenger Arrivals:
      Microfilms at the National Archives
    15. Passenger Ships' Lists, Pennsylvania
    16. Passenger Ships' Lists, New Jersey
    17. 126 Emigration / Ship Lists and Resources


    1. Links to Sites with Searchable Genealogical Databases
    2. Lauren Knoblauch's Searchable Genealogy Links
    3. Genserv: GEDCOMs Online
    4. The ROOTS-L Archive
    5. The GENNAM-L Archive
    6. Royal and Noble Genealogical Data On the Web
    7. Royal Genealogies
    8. Cyndi's List of Databases, Search Sites, Surname Lists
    9. GENDEX -- WWW Genealogical Index
    10. Ancestry Search
    11. The RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative
    12. Geneanet: Genealogical Database Network (Surname Searches)
    13. The Surname Genealogy Web Project
      Links to three searchable databases: The Surname Registry,
      The Surname Resource Centers, Other Surname Resources
      and Databases.
    14. Harleian Manuscripts
      An index to the over 20,000 families
      who registered their lineage from the Norman Conquest
      down to the 17th century.
    15. On-line Search for Maiden Names of Women in South Holland
      250,000 maiden names of women who lived in South Holland
      between 1695 and 1811.
    16. Index of Marriages and Deaths
      in New York Weekly Museum, 1788-1817.
    17. Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War Member Pages
    18. WWW Calendar Generator
      (Not a database but a good way to see what day a date was/will be)
    19. 24,200 Alaska-Yukon Goldrush Participants


    1. Newsgroups available under "soc.genealogy"
    2. Genealogy Listservers, Newsgroups, and Special Homepages
    3. Using Usenet
      The benefits of using newsgroups for genealogy.
    4. Ask the Genealogy Lady
    5. About 800 computer bulletin board systems around the world
    6. Genealogy Helplist
      (Volunteers who help others with specific items
      at institutions near them, or help with other information
      easily accessible to them.)
    7. Roots Surname List
    8. Janyce's Old Directory of Surname Researchers
    9. Janyce's New Directory of Surname Researchers
    10. The USGenWeb Project
      A project to "provide Internet websites for genealogical research
      in every county and every state of the United States" with free access.
    11. DAR Patriot Index Lookups (For a limited time only!)
    12. Immigration Lookups - Ports of Entry
    13. Genealogy CDs Available for Lookups
    14. Lookups from Privately Owned Publications
    15. Genealogy's Most Wanted
      (A site that allows a user to leave a query (free!) concerning hard to find ancestors)


    1. Genealogical Societies On-Line
    2. National Genealogical Society
    3. National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution
    4. Silicon Valley PAF Users Group
    5. California Genealogical Society
    6. California Historical Society
    7. San Francisco Bay Area Jewish Genealogical Society
    8. San Mateo County Genealogical Society
    9. Contra Costa County Historical Society
    10. Genealogical and Historical Council of the Sacramento Valley
    11. Palo Alto Historical Association
    12. Sonoma County Genealogical Society
    13. Cyndi's List of Societies and Groups
    14. Sutro Library, A Branch of the California State Library
      (In San Francisco)
    15. The Allen County Public Library Historical Genealogy Department
    16. Genealogy Reading Room Of The Thousand Oaks Library
    17. Cook Memorial PublicLibrary's Online Genealogy Resources
    18. Genealogy Libraries on the WWW
    19. Family History Centers
      (of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)
    20. African American Genealogical Society of Northern California
    21. Los Angeles Public Library's History and Genealogy Department


    1. Census tutorial
    2. Every Ten Years: What's In That Census?
    3. Using 1880/1900/1920 Census Records
    4. Printable Census Abstract Forms
    5. Secrets of the Census
    6. Surname to Soundex Code
    7. Soundex Coding Guide
    8. Census Related Sites
    9. Calculating Birth Year Based on Census Information


    1. Finding Records of U.S. Military Service
    2. Civil War Research
    3. How To Order Military & Pension Records
      for Union Civil War Veterans from the National Archives
    4. Confederate Pension Records
    5. National Personnel Records Center: Military Personnel Records
    6. Genealogy and the American Civil War
    7. Master Index of U.S. Military Records
    8. Military Records for Genealogy
    9. In Search of Military Records
      A How-To article by Ken Short.


    1. Tracing Your Native American Roots
    2. Native American Genealogy
    3. JewishGen: The Official Home of Jewish Genealogy
    4. Jewish Genealogy
    5. African-American Genealogy
    6. More guides to African-American Genealogy
    7. Christine's Genealogy Website (African American)
    8. Asian/Pacific Genealogy
    9. Cherokee by Blood



    1. California Genealogy
      Part of The US GenWeb Project
    2. California Resources from Roots-L
    3. California Genealogy Resources
      Links to statewide and county resources.
    4. California Vital Records Information
    5. CA Department of Public Health--ordering Vital Records by FAX
    6. California Pioneer Project
    7. Sacramento County 1890 Great Register
    8. Foreign Born Voters of California, 1872
    9. How to Obtain Naturalization Information About these 1872 Voters
    10. Sample page of 1872 Great Register for San Francisco
      This page shows the surnames from Carlin to Carney.
    11. NORCAL Genealogy Index
    12. Genealogy Events Taking Place in California
    13. San Francisco County Genealogy
    14. San Francisco County Genealogy Research Tips
    15. Family History Research Sources for San Francisco City and County
    16. The San Francisco Call Database: Births, Marriages, Deaths, 1869-1881 (Under construction)
    17. San Francisco Cemeteries
    18. How To Research Your San Francisco Building
    19. San Francisco Public Library, Main Branch
      This is an excellent description of many of the genealogical resources found here at SFPL!
    20. 1842 San Francisco Census
    21. 1850 San Francisco City Directory
    22. 1857 San Francisco Assessor's List
    23. A List and History of San Francisco Cemeteries
    24. Notes on San Francisco Genealogy
      From a site that mostly discusses Colma cemeteries. <


    1. The USGenWeb Project
      A project to "provide Internet websites for genealogical research
      in every county and every state of the United States" with free access.
    2. WWW Genealogy Resources for Specific States
      in the United States
    3. Links to State Genealogy
    4. Illinois Public Domain Land Sales
      from the first half of the 19th century
    5. Kentucky Vital Records Index
    6. How to obtain copies of Kentucky Death Certificates
    7. Virginia Genealogy
    8. The Library of Virginia Genealogy Home Page
    9. 700+ West Virginia Families (Searcable Database)
    10. 1895 U.S. Atlas


    1. World Genweb Project
    2. WWW Genealogy Resources for Specific Countries

    3. Acadian Genealogy
    4. Austrian Genealogy
    5. Australian Genealogy
    6. Belgian Genealogy
    7. Cajun Genealogy
    8. Canadian Genealogy
    9. inGeneas: Canadian Genealogy
    10. Dutch Genealogy
    11. East European Family History Societies
    12. English Genealogy
    13. Finnish Genealogy
    14. French Genealogy
    15. German Genealogy
    16. Form letters for German genealogy
    17. Hispanic & Latin American Genealogy
    18. Icelandic Genealogy
    19. Irish Families
    20. Irish Genealogical Society, Int'l
    21. Italian Genealogy
    22. Polish Genealogy
    23. Cyndi's Links to Scandinavian Genealogy
    24. Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn Genealogy
    25. Swedish Genealogy
    26. Swiss Genealogy
    27. Swiss Genealogy On The Internet
    28. United Kingdom and Irish Genealogy


    1. Genealogy Calendar: describes coming genealogical events
    2. Cyndi's List of Events & Activities
    3. The Calendar
    4. Genealogy Events Taking Place in California

    ADOPTION SOURCES: Find Your Biological Family

    1. BirthQuest
      Searchable Database Dedicated to Searching Adoptees,
      Birth Parents, Adoptive Parents and Siblings.
    2. Help for Adoptee Genealogical Research
    3. AdoptioNetwork
    4. Adoptee Page from Carrie's Crazy Quilt
    5. An Adoptee's Right to Know
    6. Dawn's Birthmother/Adoption Resource Links
    7. ReunionRegistry.com
      Mutual Consent Adoption Reunion Registry.
    8. All About Searching


    1. Everton's Genealogical Helper
    2. Family Tree Maker Online
    3. Ultimate Family Tree (Formerly Family Gathering and Commsoft Roots)
    4. Ancestry.com

    If you have comments or suggestions for new links,
    please send them to the
    General Collections Webmaster

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