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Re: Was I un-subbed?

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Sorry, Cathy, I was away this weekend.  What more can I say?  A LOT!

For most of you who were unable to attend the Barrie Highland Games,  it was 
SO GREAT!  I finally met Neil Sinclair, his wife, Margaret, and children.  We marched in the Clan Parade, with Sinclair Banners flying.  Then, during the  Opening Ceremonies, an email was read (just like a telegram in the "old days") from Sinclairs in Duneden, New Zealand!  Thank you so very much for this  thoughtful gesture, whoever you are in NZ.  Rory Sinclair, competing in the single bagpipe division (the piobaireachd), came in 3rd, the first time he has ever won a medal.  So it was a great day for Sinclairs!

Finally, we had an opportunity to compare information on the Sinclairs of Argyle.  Rory, who is extremely knowledgable of everything related to the Clan,
suggested that there were probably Sinclairs in Argyle for a long time, and they might not have come down from Caithness during the clearances, as we have believed.   Also, I brought the research I have on the Sinclairs of Islay, and  Archibald is no longer the father of the Neil who married Christian in 1801.  We are almost positive that his name has to be "John".  Yes, friends, another JOHN.  
If I have one criticism of this great clan, I wish that they were more imaginative in naming their offspring.  How many of us now are looking for a
"John"?  I have a lot of free information on Archibald and Peggy Kirkland of Islay, if anyone is interested.

Finally, the Fergus Highland games are on August 8.  (Near Guelph, Ontario).
Its a beautiful setting for what is probably the premier Highland Games in 
Ontario.  Clan Sinclair will be an "honoured clan".  I believe that Rory will
be participating in the Opening Ceremonies, and has an opportunity to tell
about the voyage of Prince Henry, etc.  He said that he wants at least 30 Sinclairs in the Clan March this year (I think this is some kind of competition between the clans).   So, this is the rallying cry to all Sinclair's who live in the area.  Please come to Fergus!

Toni S.

P>S>  In reading one of the Clan Sinclair newsletters to get the spelling of "piobaireachd" (Rory wrote an excellent series on the Sinclairs and Piping), he
went through some geneology  in Nova Scotia.  Wasn't someone in our email list
looking for "Squire John"?  If so, write me, and with Rory's permission, I'll
copy it for you.


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