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Re: Newbie

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Glad things are going well. 
I would like to ask a favor of all you earnest Sinclair Researchers.
Would you check your files and sources and see if you have a Male
Sinclair/St Clair/Sinkler etc born on January 27th of 1808. Any place
any First name. I would be interested in any such record. Trying to
trace my Great Grandfather and I have two Pedigrees worked up by
researchers years ago before the Internet. Both of them have incorrect
Parents for GGF. But the Birth date keeps popping up consistently.
Haven't been able to find any family records to confirm. ??Did some one
just pick that date from another family becuase they thought it was HE??
I didnt put in his name at this point as I do not want to confuse the
issue. JEAN you know who I am talking about RE: James Stuart St. Clair
and Sarah Mershon. Did anyone read my message about the AMERICAN
GENEALOGICAL INDEX????. Has anyone found it to be of Help in researching
lost Ancestor's. Not to many Libraries have copies. Seattle Wash and
Louisville KY have copies. If anyone knows of other libraies that have
copies let me know.
Thanks in advance for your help. I have been monitoring the list and
entering all the info send in. It would help tho if people would try to
put dates and Places if available on their queries. It will Help.
Bob Stevens - not quite a newbie
"If a Tree doesn't have DEEP ROOTS it is easily blown over by a Strong
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