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Re: Robert Sinclair and John Ward Sinclair I

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Hello all!

I am a new member of the list as of yesterday and am looking for any
information someone may have available to them with regards to Robert
Sinclair (gg grandfather) and John Ward Sinclair I (g grandfather - his
son, John ["Jack"] Ward Sinclair II was my grandfather). The information
I have on Robert Sinclair and his son, John Ward Sinclair I, is scanty
at best. Robert Sinclair was born in Ohio, but those before him were of
Scottish origins. Exactly who immigrated from Scotland and when, I have
yet to discover. Robert Sinclair's wife's maiden name was Ward, but I
have yet to find out her first name. Her exact places/dates of
birth/death are unknown to me at this time. The same for Robert Sinclair
(except that he was born in Ohio, as mentioned above). All I can do is
estimate their birthdates at being sometime in the mid-1800's. John Ward
Sinclair's I's obituary does not list his father as being a survivor, so
I can assume that Robert Sinclair died before 1928 at least. John Ward
Sinclair I's obituary also mentions that he was survived by his mother
and a sister (although their names are not mentioned) who were living in
Colorado at the time of his death. So, Mrs. Robert Sinclair, the former
Miss Ward's (first name unknown) date of death is sometime after 1928.

At any rate, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sinclair's son, my great-grandfather,
John Ward Sinclair I, was born in Ohio on March 27, 1891 and died in
Dillon, Montana on June 2, 1928, at the age of 37. He moved to Bannack,
Montana (gold was first discovered there in 1864) from Ohio at the age
of 25 to work in the mines. His death was a result of a broken neck
after falling 100 feet down a mineshaft after lightening struck the
cable suspending the bucket he was being lowered down in. (I have his
obituary) He fought in World War I and was a member of the American
Legion. He married one Rose Gauthier (father: Frank Gauthier - French
Canadian) in 1921 in Dillon, Montana. They had two children - John Ward
Sinclair II (1923 - 1956 : died of a cerebral hemorrhage) and Rodney
Noel Sinclair (1925-1997). John Ward Sinclair II married Lila Camp and
they had 7 children: Rod Sinclair, Linda Sinclair/Deans/Manska
(1946-1976: my mother), Janis Sinclair/Harrison/Milder, Michael
Sinclair, William (Bill) Sinclair, James (Jim) Sinclair, and Marla
Sinclair/Tamtom. Rod, Janis, Mike and Jim are still living in Montana.
Bill and Marla are living in Alberta, Canada.

This is basically all I have regarding my Sinclair ancestors and I
definitely have nothing going any further back than Robert Sinclair.
Anyone having any information that could take me further back in this
line or fill in some of the missing blanks, would have my deepest


Dear Ms Grigsby:

Could you please tell me what this Sinkler-Sinclair-St. Clair UPDATE
1995: OHIO is that you mentioned in your e-mail of yesterday, 12 July?
Thanks so much.

Best wishes to all,

Kristin Alynn Hussein

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