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re posting from Rosslyn mail list.

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Hi reposting this from the Rosslyn mailing list. Thought some of you prince
Henry Buffs might know something about this. I'll pass on any info to steve

John Duguid

From: "Steve T. Slade" <schwerte@fox.nstn.ca>

Hello All,
    I have been down to see Oak Island this past weekend.
    Alas, there are no more tours and the museum is not open to the public. I
asked around at various establishments in the area and the consensus is that it
has been shut down now for the past three summers. I have e-mailed one of the
members of "Triton Alliance", the current owners of the island, but as yet had
no response.
    Next weekend I will try to get time to visit the "Refuge."
    As you can guess, I live very near to these sites. There are more sites
near here that purport to be of Templar lineage. This is a graveyard on the
eastern shore replete with a Templar cross on a single metal standard. This is
a report from a local friend that is deeply into research in this field.
    One question I have...has anyone heard of the remains of a Templar sword
being discovered here in Cole Harbour, and now resides in a museum in
Connecticut? Someone mentioned this on a morning radio show I listen to at 6:00
AM while I am trying to rouse myself from dreamland. I missed most of the
discussion, but I did snap to when I heard the word Templar. The interviewees
were speaking about a ceremony commerorating the landfall of Sinclair in 1398.
I live about 5 minutes from this area and would dearly love to find information
on this. If indeed it is so.

This is a most enlightening forum. I am happy to be part of it.
    Steve T. Slade
    Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

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