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Re: William the Conqueror/St. Clair??

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Thank you for your most interesting summary of the royal connections to the
St. Clairs.  I am curious, though, about the part of your narrative that
places William St. Clair in Scotland before the Conquest.  You say:

	"There were a group of people that became fed up with King William (the
Conqueror), among those were our William St. Clair.  So he went back to
Scotland where he had been before the Conquest and during this time, it
came about, that he became the Steward to this Margaret (about 24 years
old) who became the wife then of Scotland's King Malcolm in 1070 at

Could you elaborate on this?  First, what exactly was William "fed up"
about?  And second, what do we know about William's life in Scotland before
the Conquest?  I had thought all along that he came to Scotland for the
first time in 1070 because Margaret married Malcolm.  Who should I be
reading on these points?


Dave Gaskill    

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