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Re: Sinclair Research

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Hi Rick,

I don't know that Archibald was ever on Conc. 1, Lots 11, 12. (I'm assuming that we're talking about Victoria County).  I don't have his ship.  What I do have is

*Neil Sinclair, from Mullindry, Islay, son of Archibald to Fenelon Twp. Victoria Co. Ont. probably 1847, farmer.

We are pretty sure that this is our Neil.

*Archibald Sinclair, b. 22 July, 1787, from Islay, son of Duncan S/ and Margaret Mary Dougall, to Ont. ca 1830. settled Victoria Co. married Petty Kirkland, with children.

We would like to think that this is our Archibald, but is seems more and more unlikely.  Neil married Christian  Campbell in 1801.  Its hardly possible that
his own father was 23 when Neil married.  The search continues.

Do you have anything on Victoria Co. Sinclairs?  Its time for you to answer some questions.

I haven't made any useful contacts in Scotland, but I'll try the 2 sites you recommend.

Toni S.

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