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John Sinclair descendants

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I'm not sure if you were still sending out the outline of your ancestors but may have the following information in hand.  I'll make a test run on your James and see whether you have this or not.

"He was born in Exeter, NH, July 27, 1660, and there was always his home. It was near "Wheal Right's Creek," and he called himself husbandman.  With the interests of his native town he was closely identified and was a loyal citizen of the state.  At the early age of 16 years he rendered military service in King Philip's war, in Capt. John Holbrook's company.
   Then there are 7 more paragraphs about him
His will is all there next
A list of  his 12 children
Even a picture of his signature.
	There is one column for Joseph's information showing 4 children
	Thomas has about 2 columns showing the 7 children that you have
	James has almost 3 columns plus a picture of he and Sarah they had 
		12 kids that you show
	James Jr. 1 1/2 columns with 7 children that you have
	Dr. James 2/3 a column but includes a picture, same 4 children
	George Arthur has a picture  and same 6 kids
That's the end of the information in my book.  But all the entries on every child has lots of dates and places of birth, death and residence.  If this is new to you I will send it snail mail.

BUT the part about the Mesabi range is so interesting to me.  Have you ever gone there and taken any of the tours.  One goes deep into the old mine and is so well done.  The other is outside in the humungus open pit.  Also there are all kinds of mining equipment in an outdoor museum that one can climb around on.  My grandpa worked at the other end of the mining operation which was on the Great Northern Ore dock in Superior, WI.  This was the largest ore dock in the world.  Now they are abandoned with trees growing out of them.  His heart would ache if he were alive.
Portland, OR

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