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Re: Admiral SINCLAIR and his fortune

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Hi, Toni,
     Just checked my mail and haven't looked up your DeLand address in the
phone book, but wanted to get right back to you and tell you that our town
itself is safe.  The most of the burn is up Hwy 11---and north of the Daytona
Road; then out 44 beyond the Fair Grounds and toward Pioneer Train.  I'll be
in touch later if I find out more.
     The smoke from Daytona to DeLand to Orlando is very bad; we pray for rain
and for the guys that are having to fight all these fires.  However, the
thuderstorms have had not much rain (none in DeLand) and lots of lightening.
     I will be in touch later with more of my Sinclair connection.  Would like
to know yours too.  If you want to send it snail mail, I'll be glad to give
you my address.
     Thanks for your quick reply.  Maybe we'll meet when you return here.
     The best to you and yours,
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