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Templars & Sinclairs

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Greetings and nice to see so many taking an interest in
history and Sinclairs. Now the answer to the question of
whether the Sinclairs and Templar's are related the answer
is yes and no. You are all mostly aware of the Sinclair
leadership in the Freemason movement in Scotland. The
Rosslyn chapel being built after 1400 was removed from
direct Templar influence as they were outlawed and driven
underground in the 1300's. There is a hypothesis that the
Templar's retreated to Scotland and remained under ground.
If anyone ever connects the Templar's and the Masons will
earn a Doctorate in History. Please keep us in the loop as
to the Rosslyn Tales as they come forth.

Now not everyone is aware of who the Templar's were. They
were an order of knights with economic and political
connections across the Mediterranean about the year 1000.
Their purpose was to assist pilgrims to the holy land. I
will forward on a reading list tomorrow.

Now John, please do collect all the information there is on
the construction of Rosslyn that ties it to the Temple of
Solomon. I would be interested if there is any ongoing
archeological work at this location. For those of you that
are not familiar with Rosslyn Chapel do check out the web
site. Well worth the visit.

Neil Sinclair

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