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Any Sinclair of Stevenson Connections

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To:   Sinclair mailing list: sinclair@zilker.net
From: Robert S Rodger: rodger@is.dal.ca
Date: 15 June 1998

I have just joined this sinclair mailing list.

I am a descendant of the Sinclairs of Stevenson, East Lothian,
Scotland (later Sinclair-Lockhart of Cambusnethan, Lanark,
Scotland; e.g. Maj. Gen. Sir Graeme Alexander Sinclair-Lockhart
was a great grand-uncle of mine).

If there are any other desendants of the family line of the
first N.S. Baronet Sinclair of Stevenson, I'd like to hear from
them and maybe share some of my family history research with

The 600th anniversary of the arrival of Prince Henry Sinclair
in Nova Scotia (in 1398) is being celebrated in Guysborough,
Nova Scotia on 13 and 14 July 1998 and I intend to be there.

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