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Movements of Sinclairs

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Dear Gary,
I have a copy of the Sinclair Family in Europe and North America by Morrison in which he shows the descendants of John Sinkler of Exeter, NH.  I am a descendant of his.  

-Laurel Mack10, Eleanor Coleman9, Marvin Coleman8, Lettie St. Clair7, John Wesley St Clair6, Joshua St. Clair6, John Sinclaer5, Richard Sinkler4, Samuel Sinkler3, John Jr Sinkler2.,  John Sinclair1 b.c. 1612 SCOTLAND

You asked about the movements of his descendants.  Here is the route one of his descendants took: 
John Sinclaer  b. 1763 Gilmanton, NH(5th generation above) built mills in ME, NY, PA, OH 1830 then returned to Crawford Co. by 1840 and died in IL.  Three of his sons and one daughter went to WI. His son, Joshua, was a carpenter at first so went where he could get jobs.  He lived in several counties in WI until he settled in Juneau Co. in 1860 and died there in 1883, I think.  Won't look it up now.  As you can see this man really got around.  I can give you more specifics, if that is what you want. 
 Portland, OR
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