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Re: Relations?

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Specifically to Helen St. Clair,
	It is interesting that your husband is a St. Clair out of New Hampshire.  You should check 
Morrison's genealogy (see Sinclair genealogy site bibliography) for a connection with any of the 
St. Clairs he has traced.  My grandfather is listed there and so I was able to trace my descent 
back up to John Sinkler of Exeter, NH.

	At some point, my ancestors changed the spelling of the name to St. Clair.  It has been a 
long time since I have seen Morrison, so I can't recall when the change occurred.  In any case, 
my branch of St. Clairs moved to Maine in the seventeenth century.  If you check the on-line 
genealogies on the Sinclair site, you may find the answer, as well.  There are many Jameses, 
Johns and Thomases both as Sinclairs and St. Clairs coming out of NH.  My great, great 
grandfather was James Madison St. Clair, born in 1803, if I remember correctly.  My great 
grandfather was named, curiously, Thomas Jefferson St. Clair.  He lived in Rockland, 
Maine, however, where my grandfather and father were born.  He was commonly known as Jeff St. 
Clair.  I don't know where he was born, but all of my family that I know of were from Rockland 
and nearby towns (Union, Thomaston, Camden).

	I suppose it is possible that your James St. Clair b. 1790 may be a cousin of my great, 
great grandfather.  One would need to consult either Morrison or other of the good sources 
available on the Sinclair genealogy site to be certain.

	Best wishes, John St. Clair

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