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RE: 600 th anniv. of Prince Henry's visit

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At 10:31 AM 5/28/98 -0400, Darwin Ramsey-Styer wrote:

>I think Pete Cummings has done an excellent job of getting people
>together to discuss this issue of Prince Henry's Voyage.  However, I did
>not have the funds to make a trip to Orkney for simple curiosity.
>Therefore, I want copies of these papers which were presented.  The
>synopses are good in giving me an overview of what was said.  However, I
>want the references for their materials.  No one gives a paper without
>references even though they don't  read the references during the paper.
>They are there lurking in the back on the References Cited page and I
>want those for my own satisfaction.  I think this is all probably true
>but until I can look these sources up for myself, I will not believe it.
>This problem could be solved by putting together a publication.  This

>would be a good thing for those of us that couldn't make it as well as
>the participants.

Over the past six months I have had several exchanges of e-mail with Josh
Gourlay regarding the publishing of the symposium papers.  He told me that
they plan to publish them on the symposium web page, but that he was having
trouble getting the papers from the authors and did not not want to "push"
his volunteers "too hard" to get the two introductory papers he had
received on the web.  In early April I offered to help convert the papers
to a digital form, but Josh did not respond to my offer.

Like Darwin, I would greatly appreciate and enjoy being able to read the
complete papers. 

Richard Huseth
Austin, Texas
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