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Sinclairs in the West Indies

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Hello everyone. You have no idea how happy I am that a friend found this
webpage for me!! It has been so helpful & insightful.The link about
"Darien" was very helpful to me; my parents are originally from Panama. I
was intrigued to finally see a small connection between Scotland & the West
Indies through George Pratt Insh's book; it made my search a little
hopeful. If any more books exist, I would be more than grateful to find out
about them. Also, any advice from anyone on how to narrow down my searches
would be welcome, since this is my first attempt at this. As far as I can
know (since most of the information I have has been orally passed down &
most of the people who would know for certain are now deceased), my
great-grandfather was an Alfred Sinclair, married to Rebecca
(unfortunately, I don't have her maiden name), probably around the 1700s. I
know he was definitely born in Scotland, but I do not know if Rebecca was
also or if he met her in Jamaica, West Indies, where my grand-parents were
born in the mid to late 1800s. Any & all information would be appreciated. 


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