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Re: National Geographic Article

>Have any of you read the June 1998 National Geographic article entitled
>"Orkney: Ancient North Sea Haven"?  Interesting....  Fantastic photography!
>Toni, Scots who moved from North Carolina northward to Canada is news to
>me!  None of your names ring a bell, and when I checked my database of
>Sinclairs in Southern US States, I didn't come up with any matches.  Of
>course, that doesn't mean anything!  If they were only around for a few
>years before they moved on, they may not have left a paper trail.

If they moved around 1783, there may have been a very good reason for it:
lots of Scots were loyalists, and moved to Canada after the war.
One of my ancestors (an Irvine) moved briefly from Georgia to Canada for
that reason, but came back later.

Another common reason is that some families had branches both in Canada
and in the States.  My great-great-grandfather lived in Georgia but had
siblings in Toronto and Thurso.  There was a lot of visiting back and
forth between Toronto and Georgia; one of the sisters actually died in
Georgia on a visit.

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