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Prince Henry - The unknown?

I have read a great many books and articles on the subject of Prince Henry
Sinclair and his voyage to Nova Scotia and beyond, and there seems to be a
great deal of evidence that the journey did in fact take place, the Micmac
legends the Gunn effigy and the carvings at Rosslyn depicting North American
plants etc. etc. I live in Scotland quite near Rosslyn and yet outside a few
interested circles there is no widespread knowledge of Prince Henry and his
exploits, it does not seem to be accepted in the mainstream historical texts
nor is it taught in the Scottish schools. Prince Henry is virtually unknown to
the general public, whereas other contemporary Scottish figure's like Wallace
and Bruce are national hero's .  What is the situation the other side of the
pond in the US and Canada?. I do realize there in to be an attempt this year to
emulate the voyage, does anyone have any current info on how this is going?

There also seems to be a lot of controversy about the Zeno Narratives. Are they
authentic or not. Has any dating been done on the narratives to prove the there

Dunbar, Lothian Scotland