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Re: legends

Dear cousin,
        Sosslyn castle and chapel are presently owned by the Earl of
Rosslyn.  He is making an effort to do some restoration.  He descends
through a female line of the Sinclairs in the time of James V.  His family
took name of St. Clair so they are known as Erskine-St. Clair.  Dont miss
seeing the Chapel south of Edinburgh.   In the North The ruins of girnigoe
belong to our Chief the Earl of Caithness.  They are doing some preservation
there as well.  Be sure that is on your agenda if you go to Caithness.
Dunbeath is privatly owned by a Sinclair but not open to the public.  The
Castle of Mey, scottish home of the Queen Mother has been put in trust, with
Lord Thurso and Lord Caithness as trustees. This eventually will come back
to the Sinclairs.  Enjoy yoyr trip.  The Association newsletter has been
running a series on Sinclair Castles.  Send me an address and I'll get you
some Clan Information
                       Yours Aye,  David S. Bouschor,Pres.
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Date: Tuesday, April 07, 1998 8:55 AM
Subject: legends

>My name is Rosslyn St.Clair and I live in Ontario, Canada.  I have some
>questions regarding the Rosslyn Castle or any other castle that may be
>rumored to be given back to the Sinclair family.  I am planning a trip to
>Scotland in October-November of 1998, and any information in this matter
>would be extremely helpful.  Thankyou.