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600th Celebration Registration Form

		Clan Gathering Registration Form
600th Anniversary Celebration of Prince Henry's Expedition to America
	Space is limited.  Cutoff Date is August 20!  Act today.



City: ___________________________State __________Zip_____________

Phone: ________________Email___________________________________

Registration Fee (adults only)		Quantity: _____	$15.00/adult =
Clan Banquet, Mon., Sept 21st		Quantity: _____	$35.00/person =
	Mark Quantity of Dinner choices:  Chicken ___	Beef ___
	Each couple attending the Clan Dinner will receive a
	Prince Henry 600th Anniversary Commemorative Plate.
Chief's Reception, Tues., Sept. 22nd	Quantity:_____	$15.00/person =
Harbor Cruise, Wed., Sept 23rd		Quantity:_____	$15.00/person =
Exeter Luncheon, Wed., Sept 23rd	Quantity:_____	$20.00/person =
			Total Enclosed

We are planning a free Symposium, with hour-long seminar subjects on Sept.
17th (Loon Mountain).  Please 
place a quantity in the spaces below beside those sessions your family would
like to attend.  Space is limited!
		____	Sinclair/St. Clair Genealogy
		____	History of Sinclairs from Norway to Scotland
		____	Rosslyn Chapel & Rosslyn Castle
		____	Wesford Knight & Newport Tower
		____	How to educate our youngsters about Sinclair
		____	Prince Henry's Exploration of America
		____	Templar History
		____	Clan Sinclair Information Hour

While you are visiting New England, you might wan to see some other historic
sights and places.  Here are 
several we recommend that you consider because of their relevance to Prince
Henry.  If you check them, we 
will send you a brochure describing it.  Please be aware that these ARE NOT
included in the above 
schedule for the Clan Gathering; you will need several extra days.    

	____	Higgins Armory Museum, Worcester, MA
		This is the largest collection of Medieval armor in the USA.
You will see what Price 	
		Henry, Sir James Gunn, and other Templar Knights looked
like.  Their book store has 	
		hundreds of books for young and old about castles, Knights,
and which mention the ancient 
		Sinclair family.
	____	Newport Tower, Newport, RI
		Some very good evidence suggests that Prince Henry's
expedition built the stone tower in 	
		Newport.  It is in beautiful condition.  This is one of the
locations where a colony may 	
		have been started and failed by the Sinclair expedition in
1398 or 1399.
	____	Medieval Manor, Boston, MA
		Eat in the style the Prince Henry did 600 years ago when he
entertained at his Kirkwall 	
		Castle in Orkney or at Rosslyn Castle near Edinburgh.  This
will be an evening you will 	
		always remember.
			Please make your check out to "Clan Gathering"	
		and return before August 20th with this Registration Form

				 H.S. "Pete" Cummings, Jr.
			General Chair of the Clan Sinclair Gathering
			 65 Hartwell Street, West Boylston, MA 01583