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Re: Archie Sinclair b abt 1814

In 1803, Colonel Thomas Talbot, a retired British army officer, a former
secretary to Lt-Gov Simcoe, and an army buddy of the Duke of Wellington, was
given 5000 acres in Aldborough & Dunwich Counties as a retirement grant. He
"managed" to be appointed land agent for an additional 27 townships including
Mosa & Ekfrid. He eventually obtained title in his own name, to 65,000 acres.

Scots from central Argyllshire (Kilmartin, Kilmichael-Glassary, North
Knapdale, SoutH Knapdale & Inverary) had left their homes as early as 1812,
became stranded in New York state by  the War of 1812-14 and were invited by
Colonel Talbot to his vacant lands in Aldborough along Lake Erie around New
Glasgow. Dissatisfaction with meagre 50 acre parcels there, many families
moved inaland where 100 acre parcels were available. My relatives ended up
about 8 miles north of Glencoe Ontario named called the"Peak of
Mosa"(township) in about 1826-1832.By 1832 7600 acres were occcupied in the
north part of Mosa Township and the west part of  Ekfrid Township (now
Metcalfe Township). By 1855 this became known as "Kilmartin Settlement" and a
small part of that community- "Walker's Corners".