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Re: Fw: Sinclair genealogy

>Andrea Wilson of Sugartown, (what a Great Name!) Louisiana - I have an ordinan
>ce map (4 miles to 1 inch scale), and the only Brims I can find is "Brims Ness
>" which is a point on the north coast approx. 5 miles west of Thurso.
>Also, I received my first ***newsletter from the Clan Sinclair Society in Scot
>land, and they reproduced an extract from Roland William St. Clair's book "St.
> Clairs of the Isles" publ. 1898.  Under the Chapter "the Sinclairs of Borlum,
> Toftkempp and Thura"  they refer to John Sinclair of Brims, grandson of Willi
>am Sinclair of Dunbeath, back in 1649.  From what I can gather, it is in the p
>arish of Thurso.  

Brims Castle is just east of where your map shows Brims Ness.
It looks like an old farmhouse.  On the point is a cemetery.
Some of my ancestors came from there, but I couldn't connect
them with anybody I found named on stones in the cemetery.

>***For those of you who are interested, membership is only 10 pounds.  Members
>hip Secretary is Mrs. Kay Dunnett, Cathel Shieling, Lochcalder, Caithness, Sco
>tland.  The newsletter is quarterly, and very interesting.
>They only have approximately 60 members so far - Let's see if we can bolster t
>hat!  For those of you who have traced your ancestors back to Caithness, you
>might be able to finally connect with a live relative at the other end!  
>They published a membership list, with addresses.

Good idea.  Their address may also be found in

>Other things of interest - Register House in Edinburg is on the Internet - onl
>ine service available from 1:00 p.m. UK time, and they recommend you have your
> credit card ready.  The costs were expected to be similar to the charges curr
>ently charged at New Register House, Edinburgh.
>          <http://www.open.gov.uk/gros/groshome.htm.>

Added to http://www.mids.org/sinclair/trace.html.

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