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Roslin/Rosslyn Chapel

Dear Rosslyn Sinclair,   
The Sinclair Family has a wonderful heritage and a very mysterious and intriguing background.I have been studying the known details of Rosslyn Chapel for a year now.There are a number of books available that have details regarding the Rosslyn Chapel. Of great interest are "Bloodline of the Holy Grail" by Laurence Gardener. "The Hiram Key" and their latest book "The Second Messiah" by Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas. Here you will find photo's and amazing information of the origin of the Rosslyn Chapel.   
 The name of the Chapel is spelt as Rosslyn,yet the village around it is spelt Roslin. Apparently the spelling with the double 's' and the'y' was devised in the 1950's as a way of making the place more Celtic. In a Scottish Gaelic dictionary the two syllables will give you:
ROS: A noun meaning knowledge Linn: A noun meaning generation
I hope you have fun on your visit to Rosslyn and will enjoy researching your unique heritage as much as I have !
John Sinclair-Hall