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Re: legends

7 Apr 98

Try:  Rosslyn Chapel Association, Roslin, Midlothian, EH25 9PU, Scotland
and their web site  http://www.rosslynchapel.org.uk  and e-mail

or:  Ken Sinclair, The Friends of Rosslyn, 21 Curriehill Castle Drive,
Balerno, Midlothian,  EH14 5TA, Scotland

Both of the above organizations are involved in the current restoration of
Rosslyn Chapel.

 Also try:

Clan Sinclair Association, Inc  (USA),  124 N 24th Avenue East,  Duluth, MN
55812.  e-mail  Haggis@skypoint.com  There is an annual membership fee.
They have information on Rosslyn Chapel

The Scottish Banner,  P.O. Box 724,  Niagara Falls, Ont.  L2E 6V5   web site
http://www.scotbanner.com  e-mail  scotbanner@aol.com   "The Largest
Scottish newspaper in the world outside of Scotland"  monthly

The Highlander , P. O. Box 22307, Kansas City, MO 64113-2307  USA    e-mail
hilander@gvi.net     monthly magazine

Both of these latter two publications have had articles on Rosslyn Chapel in
the recent past.

Good luck on obtaining information, and best wishes on your trip to Rosslyn
Chapel.  I visited there about 18 months ago.  It is a beautiful place.  My
granddaughter is named Roslyn St. Clair Hall.

Curtis Hall ,Las Vegas

ross wrote:

> My name is Rosslyn St.Clair and I live in Ontario, Canada.  I have some
> questions regarding the Rosslyn Castle or any other castle that may be
> rumored to be given back to the Sinclair family.  I am planning a trip to
> Scotland in October-November of 1998, and any information in this matter
> would be extremely helpful.  Thankyou.