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Re: Peter Sinclair & Duncan Sinclair family

It's POSSIBLE that Peter Sinclair was the son of Duncan Sinclair and Isobel
McIntyre.  They were married 26 May 1774 in Glenorchy & Inishail parish,
Argyll, Scotland.  The original record says "at the ferry were married." 
Duncan was from the farm Shonmilochan/Stronmilochan.

They sailed from Port Greenock on 22 Aug 1774 aboard the "Ulysses" bound
for Wilmington, NC .  Ship records list Duncan Sinclair, age 24, farmer and
his wife Isobel McIntrye, age 24, both of Glenurcha, are emigrating because
of "high rents & oppression."  Also on this same ship is John Sinclair, age
32, farmer from Glenurcha and his wife Mary Sinclair, age 32.

There is some evidence that Duncan and Isobel sailed up the Cape Fear River
and settled into Cumberland County, which then split into several other
counties, including Moore.  On Tuesday, the 17th of November 1795 a Moore
County court record reads, "Ordered that Peter Sinclair have letters of
administration on the estate of Duncan Sinclair, his father, he having
entered into bond in the sum of one hundred pounds with Kenneth Murchison
and Peter Sinclair and was duly qualified."

Large groups of Argyll Scots emigrated to North Carolina.  This emigration
pattern was probably started by the "Argyll Colony" in 1740. Central North
Carolina indexes/records read as if you're in Scotland!

This may be a big leap with little to support such an assumption, but this
my "best guess."

Karen Matheson
> From: Jerry Sinclair <sinclair@iphase.com>
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> Subject: Re: Peter Sinclair & Duncan Sinclair family
> Date: Wednesday, March 25, 1998 10:12 PM
> Thanks for the valuable information.
> Do you have any details of Peter Sinclair's (born 1775) father?
> Would like to know from where this family came.
> Thanks,
> Sinclair