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Re: Never too much mail

In message <19980314012008.21632.qmail@hotmail.com>, rory goff
<rorygoff@hotmail.com> writes
>>Bee Flagg
>>I am seeking information on the Sinclair family in York County, PA and
>>Baltimore, MD.
>Yes, Bee, so am I, since -- as Jean Grigsby tells me -- I'm descended 
>from a William and Margaret Sinkler in York County, PA, probably from 
>MD. Have you spoken to Jean? She is a veritable encyclopedia!
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Hi - I have a cousin, Kenneth Sinclair who lived in Baltimore until recently.
His father, James Sinclair, came from Freswick in Caithness to work in
Baltimore.  My cousin is 63 - our family records are very scanty but freswick
was a very small place and someone must recognise the name. I'd love to hear
from anyone from there who went to north America, we are sure to have
connections, even if they are not Sinclairs. -Jean Haddow