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Re: Suggestion

I too have been waiting for more information on the Orkney Sinclairs,
particularly the lineage leading to Robert Sinclair who married June 1859 on
Island of Swona to _______ Allan.    He had eight brothers: Malcom, Alexander,
John, James, George, William, Issac and Robert.  I am relatively new to this
site and researching this portion of our family.  The info I have is from a
newspaper article on their 50th anniversary.  It refers to only two brothers
being alive and that Alexander was one still alive and living in Galt Ontario:
George ( other living brother) at that time was postmater at St. Margaret's
Hope.  Unfortunately it does not Robert's 11 children but states that the
children lived in Africa, 2 in America, 2 in Liverpool, 1 in Glasgow.. Any
links would be appreciated.     Thanks,       Marilyn